christmas/birthday haul

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

So my SWEET SIXTEEN and Christmas is sadly over along with this year. I didn't do much for Christmas except for a huge feast (thanks mom, especially for the bacon cheese stuffed baked potato) and sitting in my pjs all day. I was literalllllllyyy full of food and am also overwhelmed by the amount of gifts/money from my family. I'm not sure what else to say about Christmas but thanks again family and here is what I got readers:

Vampire Weekend MVOTC tee from here (two years after the album came out but whatever! || Houndstooth scarf from Forever 21 || High-waisted boyfriend jeans from Forever 21 || Bralets from Forever 21

Sketch book idk where from but super cute!!!! || "It" by Alexa Chung from Barnes and Noble || #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso from Barnes and Noble 

Mug from Target || Ferrero Roche, you can get it anywhere and probably one of the best chocolate || H&M gift card || I LUV CHIPOTLE CHIPOTLE IS MY LIFE, gift card || also got a Target gift card

MY FAVE CHRISTMAS GIFT -  new docs!!!!

NOW MY BDAY!!! I'm finally 16 as of yesterday and got to spend the whole day doing my fave thing.... Shopping. I forgot to take a ootd bc I was too happy but I wore a pleather pleated skirt and houndstooth top and make up was on FLEEK.  I also got to have a dinner and Cheesecake Factory and when I got my cheesecake VAMPIRE WEEKEND PLAYED. It was so ironic but I had a great bday and couldn't of been better. Anyways away from that here's what I bought and received as gifts!

With my Christmas money I bought a grey cowl neck sweater from Forever 21, a grey chiffon top from Nordstrom Rack (I would go soon the sale is too good!) and I got a pink poodle-ish fuzzy cardigan from H&M.

Since our wait for Cheesecake Factory was an hour, we headed to the mall. Spontaneously, I wanted to check out Sephora since my aunt said they do your eyebrows super good and lately I've been trying out more makeup. I got my eyebrows done and the girl was super nice and let me tell you my eyebrows looked amazingly fierce (a tad narcissistic but it was my birthday). Because of that I ended up buying the Anastasia Brow Duo (what the girl used on me) and got a free brush. I also signed up for their Beauty Club and since it was my birthday I got a free lipstick and mascara sample. 

Lastly from my Mom and Grandma I got what I've been wanting for sooooooo long, a Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, along with that I got the matching wallet, both so cute for Spring/Summer. I also got another Target gift card, thanks auntie Jas!!


Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Kimonos are just super simple pieces that can make an outfit become more appealing and exciting. Typically they have fringe and chiffon with a tribal or paisley print, are very shawl like and give a flowy and free, 70's vibe. 

I was in the mood to take semi-"artsy" pics. and I got this new super playful paisley-ish printed, velvet and chiffon kimono from TJ Maxx last weekend, sooooo this was definitely fate. Since the kimono has velvet trim it is more fitting for Winter than other kimonos. Underneath I wore a black v-neck shift tank top from Aritzia. For bottoms I wore my current new favorite jeans that have rips in the knees and are from Forever 21 along with my necklace. To wrap (christmas pun?) the outfit up I paired it with the classic, Chelsea Boots from Pacsun. 

4 things i've learned from queen dvf

Monday, December 8, 2014

From horror to realities, I tend to get obsessed with many tv series. House of DVF is my favorite at the moment and considering I want to work in fashion it's a good resource. The show started off with 8 girls competing to be a brand ambassador for Diane Von Furstenberg. Diane can be intimidating but she is trying to teach these girls and has eliminated some with good intentions that they are just not right or don't have enough experience. While watching this I kinda get an idea what to expect from a job and how I can prepare myself, not just in fashion but later in life such as these 2 things:

1. Everyone is different but we should be adaptable

Not everyone is going to accept your style and you shouldn't consider it all you've got for yourself. If someone experienced such Diane tells you what is wrong/right just accept it. Shes not trying to judge you, your personal or what you like, she is trying to help you get farther and be professional and stylish.  

2. "You don't have to be a bitch to be successful" - DVF

We all have bad days and that "monthly gift" but it shouldn't give us an excuse to be disrespectful. It also makes other people around you feel down and we also make ourselves look foolish in the smallest situations and gets us no where.

And I also learned some simple and slightly goofy things from this woman and her show: 

4. Charge your phone!!!!

The youngest contestant, Tiffani (already eliminated) had the job to handle Instagram for a United Nations event. She tried to borrow another contestant's phone since hers was dead, but since it was her priority no one offered it to her and of course if you want to win you gotta eliminate your competition. 


Jinna, a boy crazy contestant who had a little too much fun every episode. She showed up to a meeting late and hungover with DVF in the room..... and well its self explanatory why she would get eliminated besides being boy crazy in a woman empowerment business. 

Photo from Elle Magazine


Thursday, December 4, 2014

November was a tough month, it literally sucked the life out of me, for example I got sick every other week. But there were also some good parts like family visits, The 1975, my acne clearing up (tmi but really happy about it) and I cut my hair, which I forgot to share. But it's a new month, new posts, more outfits and just feeling refreshed!

But.....December is finally here and I can not believe 2014 is coming to an end!!!! This is basically my favorite month because really who doesn't love the spirit this time of year and also I turn 16 in 25 days. For this month I am loving chunky necklaces and simple blouses. I also think making my photos look sorta like vintage film suits the Winter feel. I use my instant camera for this look but also just using my personal favorite app VSCOcam's P5 filter. Lastly, I felt super Posh Spice with my fur vest today so I just had to share especially to just give you a visual of my excitement for this month.

Crinkle Blouse from Urban Outfitters || Fur vest from Nordstrom || Coin statement necklace from Forever 21

black friday haul

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Don't want to go on a long blurb so just wanna say family came to visit last week and gave me and Christmas money and this weekend more family came to visit and took my sister and I shopping as our Christmas gift so with that and the money from last weekend I have a large haul to share plus there were some (THANK GOD) great deals this weekend. 

Velvet tee (kinda turtle neck-ish) from Forever 21 || White pocket tee (BDG) from Urban Outfitters

Floral crinkle blouse (BDG from Urban Outfitters

Houndstooth crop top from Forever 21

Hooded houndstooth scarf from Urban Outfitters || Black jeans from H&M || No shows from Urban Outfitters || Pleather pleated skirt from Forever 21..... my personal fave, first of all black, second pleather, third....versatile!! || Leaves headband from Pacsun

Burgundy shawl from Pacsun || Black knit sweater from H&M

favorite instagals of the month

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November has been a busy month so hopefully this is a smooth comeback from my blogging hiatus, I've also missed two doodles so look out for but despite that, I finally have no homework and one more day till Thanksgiving break, so I'd love to tell you about my favorite app... INSTAGRAM.

Throughout the month I've found style (somewhat) new to me and somewhat similar to mine. I've also been wanting to change things up and step out of my comfort zone... so of course I needed a bit of inspiration. These girls have a super edgy, unordinary but layed back looks that have helped me while picking out stuff when shopping by just taking out my phone.

Christie always has this glam, comfy and boho appearance that I adore because the majority of her wardrobe seems to be comfy loose basics with muted colors but what brings all of that out is the rustic layered jewelry.

Also a Youtuber, Stephanie's style is super eye popping and mind boggling. She's all about the mod, goth, style that is way to cool to not love.

Three words, Fur, free and fringe... and mom jeans!

My favorite Youtuber at the moment and she's my age! Maddi is spunky and sporty, I want to shop with her because her style is very close to mine. She also rocks black lipstick which is something I'd love to try this time of the year.

All photos from Instagram.

// 1 9 7 5 //

Monday, November 10, 2014

AND THIS IS HOW IT STARTSSSSSSS (hope you understand this), Saturday I went to see the band The 1975 and live and woooooowwwwww all I have to say is PCD (post concert depression).This was my first concert in 7 years and first general admission concert which was quiet an experience. I got to the venue at 7, right when doors open and the lines were of course long but luckily I went with my dad to this concert so we got to go through the 21 and up line and it was super short. Inside I was expecting more people on the floor but I did get a great spot with a great amount of ...... pushing. At 8 the opening act Young Rising Sons came out and I have never heard of them but they were alright they were upbeat but not a band I would listen to, although the lead singer was CUTE. After their performance a plethora of people kept pushing forward expecting The 1975 would be coming up, we were all fooled, next was another opening act Cruisr, they were much better than the first act but I felt bad for them because not many people were cheering or dancing. I enjoyed them because they had this chill, beach tone. When that ended, nobody urged themselves to the front but there were many that have already passed out before The 1975 came out and about 30 minutes later the lights started to dim and fog started, we all knew what time it was.

When The 1975 came out and I pretty much lost it, MATTY, ROSS, GEORGE, ADAM AND JOHN, just amazing. They came out playing "The City" which is the first song I've ever heard by them so much nostalgia there. I don't have much to say because after 3 songs I was speechless... literally lost my voice. I've heard many times that they're concerts are unbelievable and surreal, and I stand by these thoughts. The concert makes you feel free and you have a connection with these people that you don't even talk to, you feel it during the screaming and singing together. It is also very intimate, Matty's dancing probably as strange as mine and his drinking and smoking comfortably as if you were good friends with him. It's just unbelievable how powerful the music can make you feel, Matty even got us teenage girls put our phones away and just listen to a song about himself.

Photos taken with iPhone

doodle days: why i love ezra koenig

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I don't know how to start this because it's a bit lame I'm writing this but I need to get all of my love out because right now its blowing up Twitter and it has been for awhile. But we all have that fan girl moment where we can state everything about someone we think is ideally perfect and in my opinion it has got to  be front man of Vampire Weekend, Ezra Koenig. Now I know them as a band don't have and recent music but the obsession with Ezra is real and I think I need at least one blog post devoted to the beloved.

1. Social Media - u say "I don't give a fuk" but u merely desire to give a fuk. When ur last fuk is truly given, a wave of silent  euphoria will wash u - This is one of Ezra's many clever and witty tweets that make you think but then you're like wtf and then you're like oh wait hes so cool and logical. I also want to just insert this Vine because all of his Vines are like this but would you just look at his eyes, hair and voice, very whimsical and on point!

2. City Boy - Just like in my last "doodle days" I mentioned I am a city girl and he was born in New York's upper West side so why wouldn't I love a city boy like him. He went to Columbia University and majored in English and a lot of his lyrics are based on what happened or happens in school and the city and since he has an English degree all the lyrics flow and sound way different than other bands make you think of the city when listening to it. Also have you heard him sing, it makes me melt.

3. Well-Rounded -  and by this I mean he is super talented, he sings, writes, plays the piano, guitar, and sax. AND HES IN A BAND, if you don't find that amazing and cute and that's all I can say about this topic.

4. Attire - Ezra is a very distinct individual. He isn't your typical band boy that wears a leather jacket and loafers. Hes more layed back and playful and most assurred can pull it off. He wears the unexpected, Babar denim jacket, army green jump suit, sweatband and Polo being his signature piece for him and his comedic side.

5. Selfy and Stance King - I'm not sure if it's a joke when he's saying he hates his selfy and needs a diet or says it in Shakespere tone "know thyselfie" but he is pretty good at taking these ultimately odd but spooky and mysterious yet adorable selfys and spells selfie different then the rest of the world [selfy]. But not only does he take odd portraits he also performs odd as in his stance, facial expressions, and the way he carries the guitar on stage, yes they are still cute (uses another adornment adjective for him oops) but just like his vines you're like wtf and then I love you so much!!!!!

Photos from Twitter, Tumblr and Buzzfeed

love one another

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Yesterday I worked with a bunch of loving and generous people to make sandwiches for the homeless through the Minneapolis Recreation Development. People of the public aka us, make sandwiches for the founder, Allen Law, takes our sandwiches and hands them out around 8 pm to the homeless around the Minneapolis area. He gets so many people who makes sandwiches, his apartment is all fridges! He also thanks each group personally for making the sandwiches and also donating money. I just wanted to write this because I'm thankful for the opportunity to help and meet a person who takes the time to hand out all these sandwiches and also if you live in the area its a fun and easy way to help out. We made over 300 sandwiches.  In perspective good deeds will always bring you good rewards and good vibes!

edgy, preppy and nomadic

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Yesterday in my fashion class my teacher told us to wake up today and look in the mirror and say, "I look good today, I am going to have a great day." And I think shes right, when your pleasant with your outfit your day doesn't feel too bad. I'm usually not a negative person so my day was like every day, with the exception of having picture worthy outfit for you today!

White pocket button up from the Kardashian Kollection at Sears || Army green anorak jacket from Wet Seal || Plaid skater skirt from Marshalls || Open knit socks from TJ Maxx || Chelsea Boots from PacSun || World map watch from Urban Outfitters || Rustic Bracelet from Pier 1 Imports || Rings from Pacsun 

I also felt very Alexa Chung-esque with her signatures like the button up and chelsea boots.

I got a lot of great feedback from my last post through Twitter and Instagram so thanks again to those people and love you!!

Photos taken with iPhone