doodle days: why i love ezra koenig

Thursday, October 30, 2014

I don't know how to start this because it's a bit lame I'm writing this but I need to get all of my love out because right now its blowing up Twitter and it has been for awhile. But we all have that fan girl moment where we can state everything about someone we think is ideally perfect and in my opinion it has got to  be front man of Vampire Weekend, Ezra Koenig. Now I know them as a band don't have and recent music but the obsession with Ezra is real and I think I need at least one blog post devoted to the beloved.

1. Social Media - u say "I don't give a fuk" but u merely desire to give a fuk. When ur last fuk is truly given, a wave of silent  euphoria will wash u - This is one of Ezra's many clever and witty tweets that make you think but then you're like wtf and then you're like oh wait hes so cool and logical. I also want to just insert this Vine because all of his Vines are like this but would you just look at his eyes, hair and voice, very whimsical and on point!

2. City Boy - Just like in my last "doodle days" I mentioned I am a city girl and he was born in New York's upper West side so why wouldn't I love a city boy like him. He went to Columbia University and majored in English and a lot of his lyrics are based on what happened or happens in school and the city and since he has an English degree all the lyrics flow and sound way different than other bands make you think of the city when listening to it. Also have you heard him sing, it makes me melt.

3. Well-Rounded -  and by this I mean he is super talented, he sings, writes, plays the piano, guitar, and sax. AND HES IN A BAND, if you don't find that amazing and cute and that's all I can say about this topic.

4. Attire - Ezra is a very distinct individual. He isn't your typical band boy that wears a leather jacket and loafers. Hes more layed back and playful and most assurred can pull it off. He wears the unexpected, Babar denim jacket, army green jump suit, sweatband and Polo being his signature piece for him and his comedic side.

5. Selfy and Stance King - I'm not sure if it's a joke when he's saying he hates his selfy and needs a diet or says it in Shakespere tone "know thyselfie" but he is pretty good at taking these ultimately odd but spooky and mysterious yet adorable selfys and spells selfie different then the rest of the world [selfy]. But not only does he take odd portraits he also performs odd as in his stance, facial expressions, and the way he carries the guitar on stage, yes they are still cute (uses another adornment adjective for him oops) but just like his vines you're like wtf and then I love you so much!!!!!

Photos from Twitter, Tumblr and Buzzfeed
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