spring staycation guide

Friday, March 27, 2015

My first day of spring break and I am not heading anywhere, but that's okay because they're are plenty of activities to do while I'm home and you can too! Here is a list of things you can enjoy by yourself or enjoy with friends and family during the break:

1. Clean your room
2. Try a BuzzFeed food hack
Here's a Mac and Cheese one and Ramen
3. Do/Try yoga
This video is quite easy and relaxing!
4. Watch Friends 

5. Build a blanket fort and camo inside
Because you know you've always wanted too
6. Have a picnic
7. Craft Day
8. Finish/start a book
I've been reading #GIRLBOSS for 2 months and I'm still not finished......
9. World Day
♥ Ich liebe dich ♥
10. Watch a new movie
11. Buy plants, give them names

12. Go for many walks
13. Spa day
Supplies needed:
-Nail Polish & tools
- Bubble bath
- Candles
- Calming music
- Face mask
14. Make a pizza
Ingredients for my fave:
- Pillsbury Biscuit Dough
- Tomato Sauce
- Mushrooms
- Cooked chicken
- Spinach
- Tomatoes
- Shredded cheese
Cook for 15 minutes at 350 degrees and enjoy!
15. Go to an art museum
16. Watch the sunset
17. Watch the sunrise
18. Have a makeover
19. Reverse Day
Breakfast for dinner?
20. Put on your swim suit and Photoshop yourself at the beach

I've already done 3/20 of these today, clean my room make one of the BuzzFeed dishes and this........

Have a lovely break and hope this helped!

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blogging || expectations vs reality

Friday, March 20, 2015

This post was done by Lydia of Fashion Influx and I thought it was super cool because as bloggers we tend to want to be perfectionists by always having unique outfits everyday or having a clean space, etc, but irl we're not, and I don't who has the time for that. These are some of my imperfections that shape who I am in a tad humorous way.


I definitely try to keep tidy but I pretty much rush every morning and when I get home from school I just get way too tired to clean. 


Photo worthy food isn't an everyday thing, that's all.


I forget I have a schedule most times tbh and my real schedule is the one on the right which is just one big mess and sometimes I finish too late to post and have a little argument with myself whether if I should post that day or not.


"Wow cute brunch in bed" sike it's noon and I took Monday. And after I've probably taken 416846 photos then took and hour and a half to debate if I like it.

I'm so good at make-up and never get lipstick on my teeth please hire me Sephora

I hope this conveyed a little bit of my personality as well as entertaining and get through to you in the words of Hannah Montana, ♩ ♪ ♫ ♬ "Nobody's Perfect"♩ ♪ ♫ ♬

spring basics wishlist

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

spring basics

Spring has made it's superior return for 2015 it actually feels slightly like Summer! I'm ready to embrace this weather by picking out the best basics to satisfy this change and myself.

 For tops I want a sleeveless turtleneck because well I'm not necessarily ready to let go of my chunky knits but also because Spring still has the cool breezes you will need a sweater. I also chose this poplin button down for it's versatility. 

I am so obsessed with Alexa Chung's line for AG Jeans and my favorite piece is the button down a-line denim skirt. This one is a dupe from MissSelfridge for a much affordable price. I've been living in boyfriend jeans since the year started but I do not own a pair with no rips or dark wash so it's a must.

T-shirt dresses are definitely an element of complete comfort, I own a grey one but not stripes and stripes are my fave!

To walk the walk I must have the perfect pairs. The classic Adidas Superstars that my grandpa owned are now the hottest trend and at first I wasn't feeling them but after spotting them on my favorite bloggers I now need a pair of trainers. For a more femme look I've been on the hunt for the perfect block heel with ankle strap. I will have to pick up these ones from Topshop because they are way to cute and soooooo me.

Lastly I need a carry all tote. The cut on this reversible tote is very unique and two different ones in two bags... whats better than that? To me they also give off a natural vibe great for this season. I also want this nail wrap bangle that is just a simple statement and kinda cool! I seen a choker version on Stephanie from The Fashion Citizen on Youtube which made her outfit very sleek.

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Spring Thaw Sunday: OOTD + Mini Haul + Playlist

Sunday, March 8, 2015

Hope everyone's having a fabulous sunny weekend and happy International Women's Day. If you're here on the Midwest your probably enjoying this refreshing weather aka 50 degrees aka we don't have to layer! I spent the day doing the typical retail therapy, chowin' down and a lil' dancing that I'd love to share to start of the season.

New Tunes
I've been into Flume and other electronic-ish music, dream pop and some other stuff (old and new songs) lately so here it is:

Sleepless - Flume
Australia - The Shins
Canoe - Small Black
Collapse (feat. Memorecks) - Zed's Dead
Keep Her Close - Odeasza
It's Not You I'ts Me - Coconut Records
All Over - Cruisr
S'cooled - Blood Orange
Falling Short - Lapsley

Today's fit 
Tan light-weight sweater from H&M || Boyfriend jeans from Urban Outfitters || Chelsea boots from Pacsun || Cateye sunnies from Wish App || Marc Jacobs purse from Nordstrom

After making my sis take the pics of me in our garage (background inspired by Alina from Threaded Flower, We as in my family and I headed to the mall which was quite a pleasant drive, the freeway and lakes always match up very well and make a good scene so thank you Minnesota. 

I definitely hit the deal jackpot today shopping because only spent about twenty dollars on and outfit, two pairs of shoes and a lip stain. Three of the items were on a planned Polyvore wish list I was going to post this week but I found them for great prices!

Old Navy always has the coolest classic essentials and I was fortunate to find the softest turtleneck sweater for 5 bucks! I also got these medium slightly distressed jeans for $8.99 and suede flats for $5.99. But my best purchase today were these white jellies from Cotton On for a teeny tiny price of $3!

I bought this lip stain yesterday but this was also a steal, it was originally $18 but on sale for 5. I am so in love with the cute mint packaging. 

Good eats
Last we had a nice early dinner at a pho resturaunt which has one of the greatest crispy egg noodles which my mom was craving and totally got everyone hungry.

This coffee is my absolutely and positively my favorite coffee ever. It's a Vietnamese coffee that has condensed milk in it and oh my goodness you must try yourself. 

What's in my Bag

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A lot of my friends and other viewers really enjoyed my room tour video and I did have alot of fun making it soooooo I decided to do the typical but classic what's in my bag video. I don't necessarily have as much stuff as other gals in my portable but I do have randoms stuff!

Bag and Wallet || Marc by Marc Jacobs
Lip products || Carmex, Revlon Lip Butter in Juicy Papaya, Vaseline cocoa butter
Miscellaneous || Sephora Beauty Insider card, watch from Casio, fisheye lens from EBay

Song || Sober by Childish Gambino

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