favorite bloggers of february

Friday, February 27, 2015

This month I really tried harder to explore more blogs and maybe pick up some inspiration as well as post more and be organized on posting. I'm also so proud to say I've reached 70 followers on my blog (via Bloglovin and Blogger) and want to thank everyone who reads/checks out my blog it gets a little stressful at times but I love it.

These gals all have a very minimal and sleek look to them which I've really been into this month, they've also helped me pick/buy things I wouldn't think I want. I  also love the way their photos are edited and how the colors just formally fit each outfit or event going on.

Fashiionistah - If I had to choose a favorite this month it would be this gal. First off her blog is super organized and along with that I am a huge fan of her Ebay tips where she shares deals on trendy clothes and unique accessories. Her style saves are also an awesome way to find new shops.

Style and Sushi - STYLE AND SUSHI!!! What combo is better let's be honest.  Recently she's also been rocking the Adidas Superstars which I thought only my Grandpa wore but she gives them a "street style" look which is perfect for this time of the year.

tie-dye-eyes - Coolest gal EVER, she takes 2nd hand clothes and makes them look super #GIRLBOSS with her 70's working girl look and gives tips on what to wear for the industry. She also rocks these bell bottoms and I totally envy her for it because I could never gain the confidence to rock them.

outfit featuring primark black fedora, dark orange cocoon coat, printed shirt, suedette dress (faux suede), flares, fringed bag and over the knee suede boots

asos mermaid brogues silver

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diy inspiration wall for bloggers

Monday, February 23, 2015

We all have many things that motivate, inspire and change us. And we can create a whole board or wall to reflect on and enjoy everyday. Here is a DIY for you to collaborate all your favorite images, articles or quotes that you can use as a positive motivator or plan or even just use a room decoration. The one I've made in my room is things that I can use for my blog such as picture ideas, vocab and articles that I think will improve my blog. I also made this cute calender/blog schedule that is perfect for bloggers or anyone.

- Magazines
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Tape
- Ruler
- Colored Pencils

STEP 1: Make a title

I used my blog title and chose grey scale photos from magazines to make it some what neat and organized

Then I simply wrote the rest of my blog title in cursive and cut it out. 

STEP 2: Categories (optional)

This is only optional because inspiration boards don't have to be neat but if you do add this and don't necessarily have a blog with categories or blog at all you can add words that you think relate to your photos or things you love!

STEP 3: Calender/Blog Schedule

This will be a life saver for anyone with a busy schedule and people who blog. I'm always all over the place so I made this cute little calender out of just one piece of paper. Then with a colored pencil, I highlighted my predicted dates I'll post on here for the next two months.

STEP 4: Cut your inspo!

(Pretty self explanatory)

Now your ready to stick everything up!

NYFW 2015 Favorites

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Hey Upper East Siders, our favorite annual event of the Winter/Spring is over but it made a statement alright and if you weren't front row for Eleanor Waldorf's show, where were you? Hope that was a cute introduction but for real, lets talk about my runway faves because let me tell you I am obsessed with tooooo many collections this year.


Lim mixed boho and street fits and made them look super cozy and that bomber jacket is definitely a staple/must-have. The gals also give off a "I don't really give a fuck" tough look with those fierce shades and pointed booties.


Not only am I digging the shape of these but the olive color will forever be a love of mine and a pop of color for the crunchy leaf seasons.


I think I just have a thing for turtlenecks............


These runway looks are bold and sharp. I dont know about anyone else but leather just makes me feel super powerful and #GIRLBOSS. Kate and Laura made collection is just sooooooo cool, like honestly who came up with the hot pants and dainty lace combo amazingly adventurous. This has got to be my favorite of all Fall/Winter 2015 collections.


 A show with Kendall is a show I will always be obsessed with. This year I've obviously became obsessed with Diane after getting to know her and how to work with her through various eps of House of DVF. The classic wrap dress has never been the same and never will, Diane brings us lust-worthy dresses with semi oriental floral patterns and made the look eclectic with fun ol' furs.


MORE TURTLENECKS AHHHHHH... I am so googly eyed over the clog-ish shoes not only for Fall but also Summer. I always enjoy Shane and Christopher's looks because they are way ordinary, minimal and effortless glam.


Posh Spice never fails that's all!

Photos from Vogue

Room Tour

Saturday, February 14, 2015

Happy v-day beautiful bbys, if you don't have a date tonight who cares because I am providing you with a RiRi and Yeezy tuned video and cute ideas for your humble abode. I've been debating since I've moved into this house how I would do this and when, but I finally felt like my room was complete and this is a fun twist (not rlly bc alot of Youtubers do this but you know what I mean), hope you enjoy this and I present to you my room ♥

simple/minimal ootw

Friday, February 6, 2015

Hi, lovelies, hope your week wasn't to stressful. Mine was a tad but it's all over now because the weekend is upon us! I also found out today I've reached 50 followers on my blog (via Bloglovin), so I'm super grateful for you all. 

This week I decided to wear some simple and monochrome outfits that are not only trendy but comfy enough for school. I also decided these would be cute and different mirror selfy style and saved me 
time. I hope you enjoy and get some inspo off these outfits ♥


Turtleneck from Kohls || Faux fur vest from Nordstrom || High waisted jeans from PacSun || Comme Des Garcons Play x Converse from SSense


Cowl neck sweater from Forever 21 || Knee rip jeans from Forever 21 || Chelsea Boots from PacSun


Shawl (gift) || Blouse from H&M || Combat boots from Steve Madden 


Pink cropped sweater from Nordstrom || Rectangle Necklace from Forever 21 || Black roller jeans from Garage || Chelsea boots from PacSun

(aka today's outfit and my fave!)

Black ribbed crop top from Brandy Melville || Vintage wash boyfriend jeans from Urban Outfitters || Snakeskin belt from Target || Boots from Doc Martens