G(IRL) Denim

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

If you are a consistent rachelsteph reader and fan (which I lowkey hope exists), you know that I've been posting about "g(irl)" and along with that constantly saying "REAL GIRLS REAL CLOTHES." I feel like I haven't made it clear what g(irl) is but I'm so excited about today, because here I tell you all the deetz in three parts: What, Name and Motive.

1. WHAT IS g(irl)
G(irl) is a clothing line by me that will be released January 2016. The line will be a denim set including a jacket and a pair of jeans hand customized, a new design each month. Each denim piece will be thrifted but still have a similar wash to that months collection. Set will be versatile but also cool enough to wear as a Canadian tuxedo. I am still choosing between an outlet for where the line will be sold on but it will most likely be Etsy.

Hip, Relatable and Obviously Cool

Monday, October 19, 2015

I was going to do a very formal ootd today but my camera died and I didn't wanna lose daylight, but when all fails, my "outdated" iPhone saves. I do however love when these kinda things happen because it requires me to be creative and I am lacking that at the moment so this was just again - real great! 

Snapchat isn't as aesthetically pleasing as Instagram but you gotta stay hip and trendy and I am a teenage girl so of course I am TOTALLY all over it. Being the gal I am I have to make my story cool and cute to match my personality and these are definitely my fave snaps of today's look. I was also envisioning my inner Tavi Gevinson and Jenn Im by adding these little doodles and such.

Cool Girls Wear Overalls

Monday, October 12, 2015

Fashion month is over... *insert gif of Kim Kardashian saying tragic.* But style lives forever and autumn is here, the streets are our runways and I've gained an excessive amount of inspiration from the Spring/Summer shows as well as the coolest chics attending. I put together these sets to illustrate the essentials needed for the chill weather as well as a color palette to help you create a fresh look!