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Monday, November 10, 2014

AND THIS IS HOW IT STARTSSSSSSS (hope you understand this), Saturday I went to see the band The 1975 and live and woooooowwwwww all I have to say is PCD (post concert depression).This was my first concert in 7 years and first general admission concert which was quiet an experience. I got to the venue at 7, right when doors open and the lines were of course long but luckily I went with my dad to this concert so we got to go through the 21 and up line and it was super short. Inside I was expecting more people on the floor but I did get a great spot with a great amount of ...... pushing. At 8 the opening act Young Rising Sons came out and I have never heard of them but they were alright they were upbeat but not a band I would listen to, although the lead singer was CUTE. After their performance a plethora of people kept pushing forward expecting The 1975 would be coming up, we were all fooled, next was another opening act Cruisr, they were much better than the first act but I felt bad for them because not many people were cheering or dancing. I enjoyed them because they had this chill, beach tone. When that ended, nobody urged themselves to the front but there were many that have already passed out before The 1975 came out and about 30 minutes later the lights started to dim and fog started, we all knew what time it was.

When The 1975 came out and I pretty much lost it, MATTY, ROSS, GEORGE, ADAM AND JOHN, just amazing. They came out playing "The City" which is the first song I've ever heard by them so much nostalgia there. I don't have much to say because after 3 songs I was speechless... literally lost my voice. I've heard many times that they're concerts are unbelievable and surreal, and I stand by these thoughts. The concert makes you feel free and you have a connection with these people that you don't even talk to, you feel it during the screaming and singing together. It is also very intimate, Matty's dancing probably as strange as mine and his drinking and smoking comfortably as if you were good friends with him. It's just unbelievable how powerful the music can make you feel, Matty even got us teenage girls put our phones away and just listen to a song about himself.

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