Future, Present, Past

Thursday, May 26, 2016

I officially have 5 days of high school left and dreading everyday. Despite the 20 page paper I have to write or the 60 page story I have to edit, all I am in the mood to do is groove. For instance, today on May 26th 2016, Julian Casablancas called us baby doll in the dreamiest moan; I am dead, bald, awake, and a tad bit livid. If you haven't read any of my previous music posts, or know me in real life you must know that The StrokesVampire Weekend, and Drowners make me dance around my room like a maniac in the gleaming sunset poking through my window. Meanwhile I am also daydreaming to The Cure's Just Like Heaven and young Morrissey's cheekbones making us go through romantic torture. I lust over a good tune and make it my entire life; in addition to this, with the beautiful weather putting me through the best of my emotions pallet and hyping me for the freedom of summer, I have got so many new jams and rediscovered classics, that I feel obligated to share with you and explain why I adore them. I also just got my first A in my university writing class for a review on Run Away With Me and I have been struggling in that class all semester; therefore, I basically feel like I could work for Pitchfork now.


Monday, May 16, 2016

I'ts been almost a month since I've written and I really don't have a well written excuse. I could say that I write 2 papers almost every week, or busy doing stuff with friend: this is all  true except I do have random days during the week where instead of writing I'll lay in bed and watch Youtube videos for 3 hours and then realize I have a 15-20 page paper due in 2 weeks.... nice. 

But despite all of this I have a bunch of cool posts coming up such as, helping you guys get creative with looks because I am currently in a place where I can't buy too much new clothes because I am moving! I could even discuss more about my days or opinions on fashion, culture and social issues and all that jazz, whatever I'm feeling. Along with this I will be out of high school in exactly 13 days, which I said before, keeps getting nerve wracking yet uber-exciting to be out. I plan on filming and taking photos and writing better context soon, I have so many goals for this blog and can't wait to continue to bring you along my journey of improving and creating.

Away from my self reflection that I promise to you and myself, will not happen as often as it has the last 2 months. I'd love to show you the fun things I've been doing and personally I like looking at others photo diaries -- especially well thought out ones pleasing to the eye -- so here is mine from April to just this weekend