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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

November has been a busy month so hopefully this is a smooth comeback from my blogging hiatus, I've also missed two doodles so look out for but despite that, I finally have no homework and one more day till Thanksgiving break, so I'd love to tell you about my favorite app... INSTAGRAM.

Throughout the month I've found style (somewhat) new to me and somewhat similar to mine. I've also been wanting to change things up and step out of my comfort zone... so of course I needed a bit of inspiration. These girls have a super edgy, unordinary but layed back looks that have helped me while picking out stuff when shopping by just taking out my phone.

Christie always has this glam, comfy and boho appearance that I adore because the majority of her wardrobe seems to be comfy loose basics with muted colors but what brings all of that out is the rustic layered jewelry.

Also a Youtuber, Stephanie's style is super eye popping and mind boggling. She's all about the mod, goth, style that is way to cool to not love.

Three words, Fur, free and fringe... and mom jeans!

My favorite Youtuber at the moment and she's my age! Maddi is spunky and sporty, I want to shop with her because her style is very close to mine. She also rocks black lipstick which is something I'd love to try this time of the year.

All photos from Instagram.
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