Winter 2015/16

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Since I have my old laptop back I can finally get on to Photoshop and make much more cooler sets and mood boards that suit my aesthetic and not those highkey basic Polyvore ones. I pulled a bunch of photos from my Tumblr that are playing a huge influence on my style lately and what I'm leaning towards these next winter months.

Love in Stereo

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Yes, I was referencing Night Time, My Time in the title of this post because that is how I feel the "vibe" - aka dark, spooky, electric signs, messy hair etc - of today's photos have and Sky Ferreira is the best. I was envisioning a disposable distressed look and I think I achieved it. One of my favorite collection of disposable camera looks is a super rad gal from NYC, Ellis also known as edgyellis, check them out! This outfit also needed that rough, street vibe because it made me feel super bad ass - specifically because I am rocking *flips hair* my (p)leather jacket and patent oxford platforms. In addition to this, I am soooooooo ready for winter fashion, velvet, suede, black and burgundy, what's your fave season?

Modern Day Hippy

Thursday, November 12, 2015

Two blog posts this week to make up for last week. Today I am envisioning my inner Jackie Burkhart but with a 2015 street look. In The Fashion Citizen's recent vlog, Melissa is rocking an olive green bomber with bootcuts and Zara booties and I was totally digging it! I've only worn these bell bottoms once on "decade day" during homecoming week but I definetly needed to bring them back especially how often I mentioned my obsession with the denim trend this year. I'm still keepin' it 70's with the turtle neck and denims but my personal touch was of course the half bun and bomber which is my fave right now and an essential I think everyone needs. Stay groovy!


Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Out with the old and in with the new is how I'm starting this month. October started great but let me tell you, high school boys suck you don't need them.  That is the most important advice I can give you and what I learned last month but yeah no need to get into deetz. Along with that I really need a refreshment, the last couple weeks I've been so caught up with school work and also I've just been busy hanging out and having fun but this new month is what I definitely need and I'm back to share more amazing things (like G(irl) *winky face*) and what I've been up to!