Solstice and San Pellegrino

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

The first day of Summer was about a week ago; however, my retreat began 4 weeks ago, but it hasn't felt like vacation till the last 2, and what have I be en doing? Thriving for the season. There is no other time of the year I feel so free, no matter if the spirit comes from not being obligated to wake as early or brunching lakeside. 

My mindset has been working towards genuinely having a positive attitude at all times, and at least having various adventures in the course of each week -- bike rides to Chipotle count too! With all the rush and excitement I'll be embracing, tunes always comes along and I want you to take in all of it during your vacation; it doesn't last forever but as soon as you know it you'll be sippin' on blood orange sparkling San Pellegrino (the best duh....)  and groovin' to good ol Jimi Hendrix throughout another bold as love solstice.

Safari Granny

Monday, June 20, 2016

I am back after a 2 week hiatus due to the grandest events such as graduating high school and starting off my summer! My current personal hasn't tweaked much since we've last talked but here are three obsessions: rustic gems, floral prints, and anything a generic granny tourist would rock. This look was my father's day fit and my new current fave, especially the safari tour guide skirt with the ever so trendy raw hem. But I feel it also mad me get into the dad spirit the cargo green mini is a reconstructed khaki, and definitely a good change. In addition to this, I purchased this cuff midway through the day after my paddle boat workout (it was really tough, it would've been more tough if I kept the platforms on... which I didn't), and didn't realize a stone was missing and one broken; it adds character, I guess, just like my awkward posing and my hanger string peeking out of my top #mess.