Thursday, December 4, 2014

November was a tough month, it literally sucked the life out of me, for example I got sick every other week. But there were also some good parts like family visits, The 1975, my acne clearing up (tmi but really happy about it) and I cut my hair, which I forgot to share. But it's a new month, new posts, more outfits and just feeling refreshed!

But.....December is finally here and I can not believe 2014 is coming to an end!!!! This is basically my favorite month because really who doesn't love the spirit this time of year and also I turn 16 in 25 days. For this month I am loving chunky necklaces and simple blouses. I also think making my photos look sorta like vintage film suits the Winter feel. I use my instant camera for this look but also just using my personal favorite app VSCOcam's P5 filter. Lastly, I felt super Posh Spice with my fur vest today so I just had to share especially to just give you a visual of my excitement for this month.

Crinkle Blouse from Urban Outfitters || Fur vest from Nordstrom || Coin statement necklace from Forever 21
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