Later Latte

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's not bye bye Baltimore, not sayonara soy, nor ciao cappuccino. I've spent about a week without my daily red eye because it is one of my new years goals and sadly, my skin is looking rough and I think... no I know, it is because of my true love for this legal drug called coffee. My typical 10 oz, medium roast and pump of vanilla is only allowed on the weekends now along with any type of pop. To record my progress I decided to write sentence each day on how I felt or thought of the last week.

Valencia is Dead

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

If you were thinking about the popular Instagram filter used in 2012 when you read the title than you are correct but also addicted to this dumb application like me. I've been on this photo spree for all 4 years of high school and I never thought it would still be the "it" social media in 4 years later, and I never thought it would become such a serious thing to many of us. You know what I'm talking about...... I like to call it the "Instagram Dilemma." To be or not to be, whether it is nobler to match your feed or post what ever the heck you want. Now I am not here to judge because I am just a complete mess in general. 

A-Z Me Tag

Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mercury in retrograde is usually a bad thing each month but lately it's been treating me well. You can judge me if you'd like but I do believe in horoscopes and Refinery29 told me that I would have a lot of "me" time this month and it's already hit me. This new year in general has given me time to reevaluate myself creatively and mentally, which is the result of this post. Although i'm not sure if anyone has come up with this already I'll just tell myself I came up with it and feel great about it, here I bring you the A-Z Me Tag. Also inspired by i-D magazines A-Z videos. I predict and hope I do have more new readers this year and my last random facts about me was posted late 2014 and I'm pretty sure I've changed a lot since then. Rules to my fellow blog gals tagged, tag 3 people, keep it simple and of course - be yourself.

Sporty Spice

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2 blog posts in one day!!!??!??!?! I didn't think this through but I just love my look today so I had to post despite my "schedule" that we all know I don't really have. There isn't much to say about it except that it does correlate with the post earlier today, I am stuntin' the red that is my absolute favorite right now. I also feel super 80's funky mixed with Dev Hynes, Sporty Spice and Leandra Medine whom I adore both so so so soooo much. AND LASTLY, can we talk about these pants because they are probably one of my first and best purchases this year and are super fun and out of my comfort zone and I enjoyed all the compliments today of course. If you get a chance - takeover those after holidays sales because they are unbelievably good!


Over the winter break I fell in love with the color red and although this inspo board seems more of a February, romantic-esque feel but I feel like red is more of a powerful and independent hue which is how I kinda feel entering the year. I've also been feeling very inspired by Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe especially this outfit, the snakeskin boots with the fur is such a look! Along with the throwbacks, 60's mod is making a comeback and I seem to think that we are slowly going backwards with the 70's being last years highlight, but again I am totally for here for it and I already ordered a beret and turtle neck as a main staple has been my thing.

16 in 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy new year! I am disappointed to say that I spent my first day of the year laying in bed till 1 on such a sunny day but I did not actually sleep till 2 this morning. I got home from the party I was at around 1 and I was and am just so excited and happy about this new year that I just danced around my room like the child I am, for about an hour to Neon Indian - which lemme tell you, is super fun to get ya groove on. You are probably going to see these posts everywhere today but as repetitive and cliche as it sounds, 2016 is my year and ya grl got goals.