4 things i've learned from queen dvf

Monday, December 8, 2014

From horror to realities, I tend to get obsessed with many tv series. House of DVF is my favorite at the moment and considering I want to work in fashion it's a good resource. The show started off with 8 girls competing to be a brand ambassador for Diane Von Furstenberg. Diane can be intimidating but she is trying to teach these girls and has eliminated some with good intentions that they are just not right or don't have enough experience. While watching this I kinda get an idea what to expect from a job and how I can prepare myself, not just in fashion but later in life such as these 2 things:

1. Everyone is different but we should be adaptable

Not everyone is going to accept your style and you shouldn't consider it all you've got for yourself. If someone experienced such Diane tells you what is wrong/right just accept it. Shes not trying to judge you, your personal or what you like, she is trying to help you get farther and be professional and stylish.  

2. "You don't have to be a bitch to be successful" - DVF

We all have bad days and that "monthly gift" but it shouldn't give us an excuse to be disrespectful. It also makes other people around you feel down and we also make ourselves look foolish in the smallest situations and gets us no where.

And I also learned some simple and slightly goofy things from this woman and her show: 

4. Charge your phone!!!!

The youngest contestant, Tiffani (already eliminated) had the job to handle Instagram for a United Nations event. She tried to borrow another contestant's phone since hers was dead, but since it was her priority no one offered it to her and of course if you want to win you gotta eliminate your competition. 


Jinna, a boy crazy contestant who had a little too much fun every episode. She showed up to a meeting late and hungover with DVF in the room..... and well its self explanatory why she would get eliminated besides being boy crazy in a woman empowerment business. 

Photo from Elle Magazine
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