Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Writer's block always hits me like a bus when it comes around but here I am. 

I'm in my last few months of high school and can't even explain how I am feeling, the weekend before this new semester started (3 weeks ago), I literally cried. Nostalgia, hits me like a bus hit Regina George, is a trait of mine that is more permanent than others and certainly describes me a lot not only when conversing but even in my ideals and clothing. I reflect and dwell on the past for good and bad reasons so often and that is how I proposed this post to myself.

Bern is Love

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

As a gross hormonal teenager, I have spent way too much of my free time watching 90's romance movies and repetitively saying goals when googly eyeing Adrian Grenier in Drive Me Crazy — so I obviously tend to daydream of what the perfect date would be and come up with scenarios of how I may possibly fall in love some day what ever love means. However I know for sure that some traits like digging the same music, sharing a political philosophy and even loving coffee can bring 2 people together. Since I'm going to be alone this beautiful holiday, I decided to make this cute little application for kicks and giggles and share some characteristics that would make 1% of an ideal Valentines date for me or even boyfriend.
But in all seriousness, if you're alone like me DO NOT put yourself down especially if you are also a teen gal. Teen boys suck right now and you have your whole life ahead - dance to some tunes, watch more 90's movies, order yourself a pizza because it is the 21st century and totally legal to do that and even invite some of your girl gang and celebrate the love you have for friends and life in general this weekend. No slanty faces here!

Violet Grooves

Monday, February 1, 2016

February.........already.........2016..........wyd? Everything in my life has been going quick, it's a new semester, a new month and still a fresh new year. As I said last month I will be putting out either a new playlist or an inspiration board at the beginning of the month but today I wanted to share a multitude of things because as you know a common theme since my senior year began was reflecting my life but let's start off with my new hair and ootd: