Saturday, April 23, 2016

A little black dress is going to stay relevant till the end of time. However, Coachella fashion, not so much. As much as I enjoy music and reviewing the looks from the past weekend I was not overjoyed. I also adore bell bottoms, cropped crochet tops and heavy rustic metal pieces but I was just not feeling it nor felt it was necessary to do a favorite looks post; with that being said I haven't seen any prominent outfits that stood out to me. How this ties in today's post? Weather. Spring is in full effect and the colors made me change my Instagram theme for the 3rd time this month, oops. I venerate the freedom I endure in this season and here to share my latest mini adventure featuring my new fave little black dress. This look is something different I usually wouldn't do which is wear a dress that is knee length and form fitting. Surprisingly enough I am also obsessed at how comfy and simple but put together vibe it gave me (perfect for Coachella too); all you need to complete it is eclectic and funky jewels and a pair of shades.

Room Tour + Faves: Lazy Sunday Edition

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Trying not to Try: I feel too much joy sleeping in on Sundays but it is seriously the best. It is now 5 pm while I'm typing this and to give you a little run through on how my day went: I showered quick thinking I was going out today little did I know my little sister is sick so we watched Star Wars (the recent one) -- which I've never actually experienced one before -- took a nap 20 min before the ending scene, made cookies with my mom, and planted myself in my room for about 3 hours just watching Youtube videos and the new season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. So to put it all in gist, I was very unproductive; however, I am here writing.

No Pizza for Prom

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Self-improvement is a never ending cycle featuring the catalyst, the action, the distraction and the failure (at least that's how I see it.) Although I've been such a busy body since the year started; I've also become super lazy. From my 16 in 2016 list I completed about 6 of my goals but the rest such as less coffee has just crashed and burned. But this time IM SERIOUS, I hope and think: The catalyst is prom and summer and the situation is my skin. All I do on weekends is lay around, drink coffee and sleep in more than I should. In the summer I was literally glowing and my skin was at its peak and I was super active, drank only tea and water, and just felt good about myself and motivated to do more things that benefit me and make me happy during my alone times such as making quality content. I will not be pizza face during prom, I will keep writing, and I would love to have a cute bod for summer so here are my new realistic goals I have for myself for this quarter of the year.

Trying not to Try - Sleepy Ballerina Granny

Friday, April 1, 2016

Happy Friday, Happy April, and Happy first day of Spring break for me :-) I have spent this first day just cleaning and lounging around trying to figure out to post throughout the week because I have plenty of time on my hands and no responsibilities. Since it is a new month you're probably expecting a playlist or mood board but I'm feeling something new, a quarter of the new year has past and writing on this blog for awhile now I've learned that being consistent never helps me strive; therefore, I bring you a short new series I like to call Trying not to Try, which essentially will be stories, drawings, inspo, videos, music and maybe photo diaries of me simply living throughout this month and possibly carry on through May.