Later Latte

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

It's not bye bye Baltimore, not sayonara soy, nor ciao cappuccino. I've spent about a week without my daily red eye because it is one of my new years goals and sadly, my skin is looking rough and I think... no I know, it is because of my true love for this legal drug called coffee. My typical 10 oz, medium roast and pump of vanilla is only allowed on the weekends now along with any type of pop. To record my progress I decided to write sentence each day on how I felt or thought of the last week.

Sorry for being so shady and grouchy, it's not me it's the coffee.

Withdrawal headache or headache from boys and this German quiz?

Friday counts as a weekend.

This cold press craft brew is cheap for being in the city, "Sorry" by Justin Bieber.

Green tea, salad, veggies, water - let's go!

Confessions of a teenage coffee addict, final exam stressin', drama queen. (with a side of head ache... again)

I think I'll be alright.

If you love something let it go! It's going to taste this weekend though and something to look forward every week :-)
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