Valencia is Dead

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

If you were thinking about the popular Instagram filter used in 2012 when you read the title than you are correct but also addicted to this dumb application like me. I've been on this photo spree for all 4 years of high school and I never thought it would still be the "it" social media in 4 years later, and I never thought it would become such a serious thing to many of us. You know what I'm talking about...... I like to call it the "Instagram Dilemma." To be or not to be, whether it is nobler to match your feed or post what ever the heck you want. Now I am not here to judge because I am just a complete mess in general. 

Let's begin with my 1st year on Instagram also known as the beginning of high school, an even hotter mess than I am today. I came home from school and my parents surprised me with my first smartphone: Samsung, small, round edges, touch screen but also can slide up for a keyboard - so dope I know. The first thing I did was downloaded the app that ruined us all, Instagram. The first image I took was of some Asian carved silver plate decor thing with the purple-ish orange, vignette filter that I don't even remember because so many things have changed. Anyways, I was hooked. I posted at least 3 times a day took pictures with friends, trees and stupid generic stuff again, #hotmess. 

I was hooked and at first feed wasn't a big deal until my sophomore year. I started following people my age from California and New York and their follower counts were extremely high because well let's face it, things that correspond are usually pleasing. And people also started doing shoutouts and teaming up as lame as it sounds it was cool to have at least a 1k follower count. If you use VSCOcam you were also the shit and still are (I use it). But does that even mean anything. It sure did to me. But what about now? I don't care but some people are still stuck on it and that's fine too I guess.

The last 2 years I've went through 5 different feed moods/looks, I wanted to be perfect and have a feed like many I have admired and this was because of Instagram Dilemma. I actually laugh at it now because who actually gives a fuck, Instagram started with just sharing innocent photos and I will always want it to be that way. Nowadays a lot of social media is used to make money which is definitely great or do it for their jobs and I do it for my blog - but having perfect photos like c'mon.... What if you just wanna be stupid and post something ugly. Even though I'm saying all of this I still kinda like to have an organized feed but also trying not to care because at the end of the day it's just a free app we've taken a little too seriously. The other day one girl asked me if we were still friends because I didn't like her photo, let's just chill out everyone, base friendships on real life and also have fun taking photos because we all know that as cheesy it sounds life isn't perfect.

The only advice I can give you is that I will not be following you if you use P5 VSCO and to do you boo boo (ironic right?)

My current fave IG accounts: @winnipaul @lil_blizzard @parisitic_ @heyzolboo @kellicaton @oliviavigo @harrisonglazeddonut @zposternak @_chicadeoro @wasteclothing @sammi.quinn

Also, I've changed the tags and category titles
- What used to be "ootd" is now tagged and called Looks
-"Trend" is new and will be discussing topics like this and my brand G(irl)
- Inspiration and sets will be under Inspiration
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- Life is now "Personal"
- Photo Diary (still the same :-))
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