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Monday, February 1, 2016

February.........already.........2016..........wyd? Everything in my life has been going quick, it's a new semester, a new month and still a fresh new year. As I said last month I will be putting out either a new playlist or an inspiration board at the beginning of the month but today I wanted to share a multitude of things because as you know a common theme since my senior year began was reflecting my life but let's start off with my new hair and ootd:

I love corduroys almost as much as Ezra Koenig as well as this mustard brown color (and of course purple.)

Okay but Ezra is the coolest I mean look at him with Bernie.

And speaking of my man, January was crazy. David Bowie dies, Rostam leaves Vampire Weekend but LP4 was confirmed, ANTI leaked, Flume, Kanye, A$AP, Wet and ZAYNNNNNNNNN dropped some new tunes, and Bernie Sanders is still the coolest man in the world. But besides the first month of the year my first semester was very unexpected but also ecstatic. Too keep this short and sweet I'll just give each month a title and see where this goes.

September: Years & Years
October: Yikes! Oh boy! Gtg!
December: Started wearing hoops, changed my life
January: Refresh

I did learn a whole lot this first semester especially about myself, about publicly speaking and the importance of confidence etc; I've also met some really cool people who I've made amazing memories with. It is very bittersweet that in 4 months I'm going to be graduate and I am not going to be a messy high school student anymore but I am going to make the most of these next few months. Away from the nostalgia I am ready for a clean slate and way excited for my courses this semester including photography and creative writing and prom dress shopping eeeeek!!!!

Lastly is this months playlist which again is a promise for every month. To distract from my coffee withdrawals I dance duh! This month is a weird mix of angst to 80's to R&B jazz-ish tunes. All are fun to groove to and will be adding to it through out the month. I tend to listen to this collection getting ready in the morning or having dance party alone before bed, which is more fun than it sounds specifically because of the atmosphere - I've got cute lights and everything in my room.

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