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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Mercury in retrograde is usually a bad thing each month but lately it's been treating me well. You can judge me if you'd like but I do believe in horoscopes and Refinery29 told me that I would have a lot of "me" time this month and it's already hit me. This new year in general has given me time to reevaluate myself creatively and mentally, which is the result of this post. Although i'm not sure if anyone has come up with this already I'll just tell myself I came up with it and feel great about it, here I bring you the A-Z Me Tag. Also inspired by i-D magazines A-Z videos. I predict and hope I do have more new readers this year and my last random facts about me was posted late 2014 and I'm pretty sure I've changed a lot since then. Rules to my fellow blog gals tagged, tag 3 people, keep it simple and of course - be yourself.

A - A6 - The only VSCO filter I use for Instagram
B - Boyfriend - I don't have one and I never have
C - Coffee - A drug, a drink, a lifestyle
D - Dancing - I'm not good at it but I sure love to
E - Ezra Koenig - My dream boyfriend, an iconic man
F - Friends - My all time favorite television show
G - Generation - I definitely don't belong in this one
H - Horowitz - I totally wanna be her
I - Introvert - Proud of being one and not at the same time
J - Jaimee - My sister
K - Karma - I'ts real
L -  Liberal - I love people
M - Minnesota - Where I live
N - Nikita - My best friend, we both dance terrible
O - Odd - Proper way to describe my attitude, style, self in general
P - Pink - My favorite color
Q - Quality - Do it for the gram
R - Rich - I want to be rich not wealthy
S - Sale - Never pay full price
T - Turtlenecks - I need to stop buying them
U - Urban Bean - A coffee shop I still need to go to
V - Vancouver - Where I want to live
W - Warhol - Tomato soup rocks
X - XOXO - Gossip Girl
Y- Years & Years - The best concert I've attended so far
Z - Zara - My obsession

I wanna know more about you: Madison from BADSASS, Kaylee from Style Unknown and Alyssa from Visions of NYC
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