Sporty Spice

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

2 blog posts in one day!!!??!??!?! I didn't think this through but I just love my look today so I had to post despite my "schedule" that we all know I don't really have. There isn't much to say about it except that it does correlate with the post earlier today, I am stuntin' the red that is my absolute favorite right now. I also feel super 80's funky mixed with Dev Hynes, Sporty Spice and Leandra Medine whom I adore both so so so soooo much. AND LASTLY, can we talk about these pants because they are probably one of my first and best purchases this year and are super fun and out of my comfort zone and I enjoyed all the compliments today of course. If you get a chance - takeover those after holidays sales because they are unbelievably good!

Don't forget to check out my earlier post "Rogue" and outfits are now tagged "looks" - to find old outfits they are under the tag "ootd."
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