16 in 2016

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy new year! I am disappointed to say that I spent my first day of the year laying in bed till 1 on such a sunny day but I did not actually sleep till 2 this morning. I got home from the party I was at around 1 and I was and am just so excited and happy about this new year that I just danced around my room like the child I am, for about an hour to Neon Indian - which lemme tell you, is super fun to get ya groove on. You are probably going to see these posts everywhere today but as repetitive and cliche as it sounds, 2016 is my year and ya grl got goals.

1. Drink more water - I say this a lot but at the moment it really needs to happen because I've been such a Pepsi-feen lately and as always I'm drinking my medium roast joe with french vanilla - which has been way to easy for me to make lately because if you follow me on Twitter you know that I got a Keurig for Christmas and it is my LIFE. As I'm typing this I am also listening to Coffee by Sylvan Esso #trucoffeefan. 

You get the gist, water is the resolution for all problems - acne, teeth and overall health.

2. Never repeat outfits - I am not even trying to brag here but I don't even think its a good thing at this point since I am moving after graduation but I have too much clothes. And too much clothes that can be super versatile so I gotta get creative!

Along with that 3. Buy clothes you will actually wear casually

4. Stop swearing so often irl, you are not that cool

5. Even though you said you would post every other week, try to post every week boo!

6. Take it fucking easy - Not only does my mom tell me to do this while I walk.... apparently "too hard", I also just need to chill out on a couple of things, 1. Instagram doesn't have to match, 2. Don't stress on stupid lil things, and 3. Eyeliner.

7. Keep being crazy but with this, be brave, be confident

8. Doodle more!

9. Graduate with at least a 3.8 GPA - I'm was so close to straight As this semester but next semester watch out, RACHEL STEPH is here and smarter than ever.

10. Write for this blog because I enjoy it and I am putting my whole self in the content, don't write because you missed a week, shit content doesn't make you happy Rach

11. Take a stronger interest in current events (politics, art, fashion etc;)

12. Make someone smile - Compliments can change lives y'all

........... 13. Also stop saying y'all you are still not cool

14. Make more friends

15. Go to more concerts - Every time I attend a show, I meet cute and happy people who also possibly feel the same lovely connection to the artist and their music. I also love to dance like all the freakinnNNNNNnnnnn time, I once almost fell off a treadmill dancing.

and with that the feel of concerts make me want to 16. Live in the moment....... more

I am sipping on my coffee right now and swore a couple times in this post so let's see if these resolutions even last. But I am dancing and ready for new memories!

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