Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Over the winter break I fell in love with the color red and although this inspo board seems more of a February, romantic-esque feel but I feel like red is more of a powerful and independent hue which is how I kinda feel entering the year. I've also been feeling very inspired by Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe especially this outfit, the snakeskin boots with the fur is such a look! Along with the throwbacks, 60's mod is making a comeback and I seem to think that we are slowly going backwards with the 70's being last years highlight, but again I am totally for here for it and I already ordered a beret and turtle neck as a main staple has been my thing.

At the beginning of each month I plan on sharing either an inspiration board or playlist to keep you updated on what I'm dancing to and what's keeping me motivated. I combined the two for this month just to show you what it looks like and would really appreciate the feedback I really enjoyed making the collages and want to add sparkles and flowers and other crazy and dainty stuff next! Thanks for reading as always and again, Happy New Year.

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