Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hallo!!!! (I learned that in my German class), I want to tell you a bit more about myself because I feel like I haven't shared enough of my personal. So here's 25 random facts that probably isn't necessary to you but hopefully enjoyable and make you laugh, I mean I think I'm pretty funny....

1. I haven't shared a lot of my style yet, but I describe it as more of an edgy and minimal Carrie Bradshaw (The Carrie Diaries version) I even have the big curly hair!!!!

2. I live off of coffee and Mountain Dew  

3. I am the most indecisive person you will ever meet, I moved into a new house last month and my room is still not done due to this

4. I am a junior in high school 

5. I either wear too much black or too bold of colors (in my opinion none of these are potentially "too" much"

6. I wear my leather jacket almost every week

7. My mom is watching vampire diaries and Vampire Weekend just started playing I am scREAAAAMING



(VW lyrics hope you people know it because they are an amazing band lol)

8. I have a framed picture of Austin Butler in my room (SOOOOO CUTE) 

9. I have my outfits planned for the rest of the week (outfitOCD)

10. I doodle in a journal like a 6 year old

11. I own a cactus and I don't remember the last time I've watered it

12. I would marry Kraft Mac and Cheese

13. AHS IS BACK ON TONIGHT (Evan Peters is the most precious thing)

14. I am a nerd, just take my word

15. I just finished reading Eleanor and Park and I am :( because it was so cute and sad then cute again

16. I try to make my pictures on Instagram look good together (instaOCD)

17. I use the word aesthetic and eclectic and advocate way too much

18. I was born in Canada, "where the moose are!!" (Emily Osment said that in Hannah Montana)

19. I love Chipotle, Chipotle is my LiIiIiIifffffeEee

20. I shop at H&M like its my home

21. If I had a million dollars I would definitely travel as much as I could

22. I'm 15 and will be 16 in December 

23. I think London, Milan and Paris fashion week is way better than NYFW, besides street style

24. I currently live in Minnesota, land of 10,000 lakes (when you say it in my voice it's kinda funny) but it's pretty cool here

25. I want to move and go to school in Vancouver after highschool because HONESTLY, it's the best place I've ever traveled too

Alright hope you liked this, if you want to know more about me check out my Tumblr and Polyvore in the links above and follow me on Twitter @rachxhitt

All photos from Tumblr
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