Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Out with the old and in with the new is how I'm starting this month. October started great but let me tell you, high school boys suck you don't need them.  That is the most important advice I can give you and what I learned last month but yeah no need to get into deetz. Along with that I really need a refreshment, the last couple weeks I've been so caught up with school work and also I've just been busy hanging out and having fun but this new month is what I definitely need and I'm back to share more amazing things (like G(irl) *winky face*) and what I've been up to! 

Let's start with how much I've simply been loving life and how happy I've been. It's not that I wasn't happy before but I just feel extra positive from the time I wake up to the time I sleep every darn day. This has been going on since I went to Years & Years in September. I think my happiness has been such a big deal lately because I am a SENIOR, and this idea well technically fact (????.....) has made me feel super confident in myself and I think I really have been finding my self and I was even told by my best friend, "You're being yourself and it really shows," and soooo yeah just internally feeling radiant and life IS LIT. How does this correlate with Years & Years? That concert made me feel so free, I danced so crazy, I met cool people, and it was on a school night so I felt very rebellious even though I am the biggest nerd you will ever meet, if you do get the blessing to meet me *another winky face here too*. HAPPINESS IS IMPORTANT, LUV URSELF, LOVE LIFE, LOVE EVERYTHING, REMEMBER THIS PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! ANYWAYS, I also keep meeting a lot of nice people and going out to cool places which makes me super happy and brings me to my next part of this post, I go to Minneapolis so often now and man.... I love everything about it, makes me feel like a tru city - EVER SINCE I LEFT THE CITY YOU! - gal. 

When you think of Minnesota you probably think of Marshall from How I Met Your Mother but c'mon, you know he's cool. I've been taking these cute lil trips to Minneapolis at least every other week and exploring new spots and catching great scenery so thanks to my awesome friends for taking me to these places and thank you Minnesota for being an awesome state. My favorite so far is this warehouse-esque place with a coffee shop, a Buzzfeed HQ, a gym, a salon and many other cool things. It also was decorated in so much Andy Warhol artwork and others which I adore and appreciate so much. If you do live here in the Twin Cities area, this place is in North East Minneapolis, check it out!
I didn't think this post was gonna be so wordy but lastly here is today's look and my current music faves.

I AM OBSESSED WITH LANY. I seen Alina from Threaded Flower, tweet about them many times but I never got around to listen to them and wow!!!!!!! They are super groovy and have a smooth, 90's feel I am totally diggin'. The R&B meets dream pop trio also has a very cute aesthetic consisting of blue undertones, sunsets and flowers as seen on their website. AND last but not least, front man Paul Klein is such a cutie.

okay..... AND the lyrics are so adorable, "you need to know that I'm hella obsessed with your face," AHHHHHHHH S'CUTE, I love music so much.

I've also been in love with Grimes' new album too..... it's called ART ANGELS so clearly it's cute but yeah, I think this is the end of this post, hope this was enough information about me for you to catch up on my life or was relatable in any way. Peace and blessings love your fave curly - not so curly today - hair gal, let's have a wonderful month. (P.S. I'm very sorry I didn't make a video last month but this month's video is gonna be beautiful.)

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