Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Writer's block always hits me like a bus when it comes around but here I am. 

I'm in my last few months of high school and can't even explain how I am feeling, the weekend before this new semester started (3 weeks ago), I literally cried. Nostalgia, hits me like a bus hit Regina George, is a trait of mine that is more permanent than others and certainly describes me a lot not only when conversing but even in my ideals and clothing. I reflect and dwell on the past for good and bad reasons so often and that is how I proposed this post to myself.

Before the start a new year and the of my end journey, I began to think of everything I was thankful for this past year and how much I've changed. For one, a year ago I wouldn't of dyed my hair purple or even get my nose pierced. Freshman year Rachel wouldn't even admit she had a crush on someone. You are told so often that these 4 years of your life are the most memorable and important time of your life, and it has finally hit me. It goes by so quick because you are so carefree, you are growing, you are learning and this is your final years of youth. In a year from now I won't be stressing over waking up at 5 am or a German vocabulary quiz. This is just the simple thinks that make me so nervous for my adulthood but grateful for everything I've become and how much I actually enjoyed the period. I am just in so much shock that I've actually done so much, again, you aka me realize, where did the time go?

In the peak of this year we don't get a chance to stop and see who we've become. Today I am a more confident and open-minded person. I have acquired a variety of interest that I didn't even begin with such as politics, graphic design, writing, and obviously fashion. This year in general has been quite an experience and it's not over yet. I believe I did take advantage of this time and really cut loose and kinda figured out who I am and who I want to be and am truly happy. I also felt at my best and hope it carries on to graduation and later on.

They tell you this is the first day of the rest of your life but what about how you invented it. How you made decisions that weren't the best and learned to grow out of habits you never loved. What about the little conversations during passing periods and complimenting strangers you never got to meet. Those details hurt me so much the fact that I am leaving them behind. But the best part is that those 4 years are probably more permanent and memorable than "the rest of your life" and makes me happy that I've had such a good run. So for anyone going into high school next fall or graduating Summer 2017, cherish every moment -- it goes by too quick and I gotta end this here to keep living it up.
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