Let's Chat: Music, OOTD and Life in General

Monday, September 28, 2015

My beloved readers. I have writers block, so let's catch up.
First off, look how cute I look on this fine Monday.
Overalls are so great for us fashion gals because you can just throw on with a cute top and booties or sneakers, look awake but you are so tired and it's street style as fuck! *flips hair*

Next I want to share about the BEST concert I've been to so far aka Years and Years aka my favorite group right now AHHHHH. I ventured into the city last Wednesday and danced and sang my heart away and it was just a swell time with good people, good energy and good music. If you talk to me irl or follow me on Twitter you know that this is all I've been talking about and how much I love the British band and how cute Olly Alexander dances. This is a messy paragraph I'm just gonna end it by telling you that the best song live was Ties and King (of course.)
Some other music faves you need to listen to is Carly SLAY Jepsen aka queen of pop (thank you Randy for blessing me with E•MO•TION) and What A Time To Be Alive just dropped if you don't know what album that is you better google yourself some champagnepapi.

Lastly I just want to talk about me. After that concert I've just felt more of a "love for life" and I know that sounds like a dumb Tumblr quote but I genuinely believe that I'm living life right now and having fun and I kinda decided the other day I should spend more moolah on experiences than clothes because my closet is a mess. Sounds crazy because I'm a shopaholic but yeaaaaah. I also just gained this random confidence idk if it's coming from dancing like crazy Wednesday night or just being a senior but,

Overall.... the last two weeks have been amazing.

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