Winter 2015/16

Thursday, November 26, 2015

Since I have my old laptop back I can finally get on to Photoshop and make much more cooler sets and mood boards that suit my aesthetic and not those highkey basic Polyvore ones. I pulled a bunch of photos from my Tumblr that are playing a huge influence on my style lately and what I'm leaning towards these next winter months.

I've raved about denim all year but for these next few months they are much more serious especially with the production of g(irl) but also because I've really been into mixing feminine pieces with sporty and slight androgynous structures, the looks make me feel super cool and street. I've also grown a stronger love for primary colors which tend to look preschool-ish but the vibrant tones give more personality to muted winter outfits and along with the "street/city" vibe, the colors remind me of subway tiles. Plus the colors of sunrises and sunsets kinda correspond into the primary colors in slightly different shades which is just another influence.
Can we also talk about sneakers! I was strictly booties last winters but kicks come in so many unique forms and textures. I have my eye on suede footwear especially these New Balances I've seen everywhere! aaaaaaaand these high top Pumas that kinda remind me of the classic sk8 hi Vans - (which my mom claims I am not "cool enough" for) - that are so me and that's the only way I could describe it.
Have a great and safe Thanksgiving! (Hope ya get cute clothes too ;-))

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