G(IRL) Denim

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

If you are a consistent rachelsteph reader and fan (which I lowkey hope exists), you know that I've been posting about "g(irl)" and along with that constantly saying "REAL GIRLS REAL CLOTHES." I feel like I haven't made it clear what g(irl) is but I'm so excited about today, because here I tell you all the deetz in three parts: What, Name and Motive.

1. WHAT IS g(irl)
G(irl) is a clothing line by me that will be released January 2016. The line will be a denim set including a jacket and a pair of jeans hand customized, a new design each month. Each denim piece will be thrifted but still have a similar wash to that months collection. Set will be versatile but also cool enough to wear as a Canadian tuxedo. I am still choosing between an outlet for where the line will be sold on but it will most likely be Etsy.
Why is the brand titled g(irl)? First off being a girl is the best thing ever but if guys ordered off the shop that would be even cooler. Second, irl is parenthesized to emphasize the acronym "in real life." Since my target market is teen girls, this phrase means that we are just regular gals just trying to find ourselves. IRL to the label also means that everyone in life is different just like every thrifted denim is unique and one of a kind!

I also recently discovered how inspired I get over little things. For example, I've always been into skate and rap clothing brands which if you know me personally you know that this is weird. One guy that I think is super cool in this area is Asspizza. In a Rolling Stone interview he shares how he's just a kid that makes art on clothing. Austin has designed for Wiz Khalifa, ILoveMakonnen and even had a collab with Supreme. Cult fashion is just one of those weird interests I've always had, it's just super cool and edgy which makes it quite intriguing especially when it's done by a teen because their creations feel fresh and relatable.
Another kid but kinda not so kid any more I have so much respect for Tavi Gevinson (19 yrs old). One of my favorite Ted Talks is one by her called "A teen just trying to figure it out". In the video Tavi explains, what I believe is the motto behind her magzine, Rookie, which is - We are not here to give girls the answer, we want to inspire them to give themselves permission to ask questions, we're not perfect role models, we're also just trying to figure it out - this isn't the exact quote but I watch this video way too often and I am regular Rookie reader and I love it because I do feel like she does such an amazing job with the site to really motivate me to do amazing things in life.

I am a feminist but also trying to define this and again just a teen trying to figure it out who wants to create art and inspire. Stay tuned for g(irl) making its debut  ♥ Sneak peek out of the January set out tomorrow on Instagram!

p.s - here is a cool playlist that basically describes the label! xoxo

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