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Friday, June 26, 2015

Besides this being a great week for America (marriage equality, confederate flag taken down etc), I have to admit this first month of summer wasn't the epitome of "carpe diem" or lively in anyway but c'mon, I need to rest from this hell of a school year. July is going to be an eventful month and I have a lot in store for my grand ol' blog, starting with this fabulous post of some items that have been super beneficial, as well as enjoyable to me recently.

1. My journal
I actually use this more as a planner for tasks needed to be done during the day and organizing everything for this site and I'm not sure why but it's just satisfying writing cute notes.

2. Iced green tea
I've always loved green tea, it's excellent for the season if you want something with a little caffeine and more refreshing than water and fun fact: green tea can improve brain function and to be bikini ready it increases fat burning!

3. Little black bag
Just like the little black dress, this bag is essential. It's 2 years old and missing the top tassel but it's very roomy, light, chic and versatile

4. Clinique Acne Solutions
GOD BLESS THESE PRODUCTS THIS IS MY HOLY GRAIL SYSTEM. But seriously my skin is so much brighter and clearer and it took me a whole year to find something as awesome as this kit.

5. Watercolors
I guess you could say I have been watercolor crazy these past 2 weeks, making personal and easy gifts and just painting to pass time. Super easy and relaxing!

6. Kate Spade initial earrings
Okay I actually just bought these this week but I already LOVE them! Ever since I watched The Carrie Diaries last year I've been on the hunt for something with my initials on it because on the show Anna Sophia Robb aka Carrie wears a necklaces with a "C" on it in block font as well as dainty and minimal. I think its great to kind of have that signature jewelry and this is mine.

7. Aviators
How Danielle Bernstein of me and that's part of the reason I purchased them. These sunnies are work with any look and make me feel sassy!

8. Portable Charger
Similar to my Clinique set, this has saved my life, I mean what if I missed a perfect Instagram moment or am in an emergency? Not to mention the sleek savior is an adorable rose gold.

Lastly online faves, specifically YouTube:

9. Rachel Nguyen
Also known as thatschic's vlogs and other gamble just seems so simple yet I am always interested in what she's doing or posting on Instagram or writing - a lot of travel and great style. The Cali babe is just fab.

10. Casey Neistat
On the total opposite side (literally - not fashion and on the East Coast), Casey is just a great camera man and has probably heard it a bunch but he seems to have a great life whether it's riding a hoverboard segway thingy in his office or letting Karlie Kloss carry his baby, Leandra Medine gets surprised when she sees him, the New York daily vlogs are just entertaining for everyone.

What's your recent favorites for the season?

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