My Mini Shopping Savvy Guide

Thursday, July 2, 2015

I tend to surprise people when I tell them how much I get various pieces from or get asked "where do you shop?" This is also a coincidence because the hashtag #ThingsIGetAskedAlot is trending on Twitter I feel like this post is necessary for today - so I bring to you a mini guide on how to shop savvy/shop sales etc;

This is key for almost everything in life. I typically don't like to spend more than 50 dollars on a regular trip, at the least 20. When you have a budget you know when to stop and you know what items that you are worth it.

This meaning if you know you're going shopping, plan ahead. Look at stores online before going out,that might have the item you want, I typically pick the cheapest if it's a trend pieces (ex. suede shorts) and for basics I suggest investing in them. After this make a list of the pieces, cost and store and review just to make sure you actually want the item.

Sign up for all your fave stores to be the first to know about deals via email, especially if its a deal like extra % of a sale. People are animals - YOU MUST BE FIRST SO YOUR FAVES AREN'T OUT OF STOCK.

Memorial Day, Labor Day, 4th of July, etc; Holidays are the best sales and you get money at this time so it's just a great time to go shopping. It's also a good time to buy your investment piece that has been on your wishlist because chances are it's on sale.

Just because it's on sale does not mean you need it.

That is all.

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