DIY 3 Step Succulent Terrarium

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Plants are friends, friends are plants. I've been wanting to make one of these terrariums for a while and I needed a new decor piece to freshen up my room and whats more fresher than mother Earth. Turns out making the plant holder is very easy, only three steps to make a new home for your plants!

- Rocks
- A jar, I depotted an old candle
- Soil (not shown in the picture)
- Your fellow green friends

STEP  1: Fill half the jar with rocks

STEP 2: Placement

Pour an inch of soil on top of the rocks, pat soil down, place the plant in the jar and fill soil around the plant up to the top of the jar.

STEP 3: Water your plants and don't forget to name them!

My lovely Ezra Koenig (if you don't know my obsession with Vampire Weekend's lead singer your never too late on the news) and Lil P from the Garden, if you don't know Lil B from the Pack you're not living!

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