Better late than never

Friday, June 5, 2015

(First photo on Rachel Steph)

June 1st marked one year of this blog and I totally forgot. So here I'm going to reminisce of the beginning. My first blog was actually Virtual Vogue, made for my news writing class I took last year. Then I was already planning to create a blog the following summer so shout out to Ms. Glidden for teaching me the basics of blogging and just that class in general because I really do enjoy writing much more than I used to.

In the process of creating a blog you have to pick a platform and name with a Google search of "what is a good platform for fashion bloggers" I found one source saying Blogger is the one for me so here I am! (Sorry to any teachers, I ONLY USED ONE SOURCE AND DID NOT MLA SOURCE IT)
Then I had to pick a name and what I came up with were ridiculous names, 2012 "Tumblr Girl" names such as "Chucks and Polaroids" or a spin off of the OG blog "Virtually Vogue." But obviously those did not work out because this blog had to be something a little more mature and I planned to use it in the long run. Although I still find my name quite basic its my name.... can't change that. 

The other important component aka my template was a mess in the beginning. Baby pink Georgia font as my header saying "♥ rachel stephanie ♥", *rolls eyes* how lame. I also used the very basic Times New Roman and kept the font all black. But again I did my research, started a Bloglovin to really get some exposure and also gain some readers, and found some codes online and now I've got everything set to what I really do feel is well, me.  

I was always a when I was younger, quit ballet, regret times 1564161321, and I quit Girl Guides, but I'm still here and I love doing this and I feel like I've improved my vocab, photography and decision making (because if you didn't know all my posts including my first was deleted on purpose because I wanted to fix my content so the first post on here is July 1st). The gist of all of this was to say thank you for reading this past year and your simple compliments just make me super overjoyed and I hope you can stick around for this adventure because I've got a lot of ideas for this season and I cant wait to share.

xoxo, Rachel Stephanie

ps. almost at 100 followers eeeeekkkkkkkk!!!

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