Begin Again

Friday, June 12, 2015

Wednesday was a super eventful day, Instagram worthy day..... so here are the photos I took!

MUSIC: Purity Ring
I said day but I really meant evening - I've been waiting to go to a concert for a long time and I finally got around to going to see this amazing show! Because of the terrible Minneapolis traffic we (my friend Randy and Thida) only got to see one of the opening acts which was Braids and they were enjoyable even though the lead singer was sick.

All I have to say is the show was beautiful and had such a great energy. Megan was so entertaining and used these gloves to create a light show with her hands which was again really cool and I think a good way to wooo and interact with the audience. The lights and set up in general was were super cute and again made the show even more interesting. Overall it was a good time, loved the venue and danced and sang my heart out.

VENUE: First Ave

FOOD: Pizzeria Lola
Lastly we took a quick pit stop at this adorable little pizza shop decorated in Coca-Cola glass bottles, tomato can lights, and vintage plates. We had delicious kimchi pizza made by a guy singing 80s jams and took cute photo booth pictures! 

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