doodle days: how you know, can and feel you are a city girl

Thursday, October 16, 2014

The other day I was telling my mom about what I want to do after high school aka go to school in a big city. She told me she could totally see me living the city life. I've been told this by some friends too, which is great to hear that I'm suitable for my #goals!!! In response I even looked up "how you know you're a city girl" and I matched up with a lot of the characteristics. Here's my thoughts on what makes me feel like a city girl and what I think makes one. 

1. You know you love me - Not sure if any of you have watched Gossip Girl but if you haven't you should. Blair Waldorf is the NYC queen. With her sassy attitude and leadership, city girls live and relate to.

2. Be one with the Bean - As in coffee! You have a coffee for every occasion, french vanilla latte for comfort, macchiato to feel refreshed and cappuccino for enjoyment. 

3. Constant desire - You always want more for ex. info on everything, fashion, politics or culture. You can also want more of an item, for me it's white button ups, you can never have enough!!

4. No fear the yellow limo is here -You're not afraid of public transit, in fact you enjoy it, seeing the different people and hearing weird noises. Besides that you also love to just walk everywhere you go. 

5. Me, myself and I - You don't care what people think. You say, dress and do what you want, when you want and how ever. You always feel extra confident because you're just awesome.

6. Carrying your life - You don't just have a wallet in your purse. You also have 4 lipsticks, receipts, some pictures and a mini pencil from Ikea and miscellaneous.

7. Over achiever - You don't just "do" something. You become it. Read over 10 times. Go through a couple erasers. Add some flowers. Dance around. You are an over achiever, always adding your flare and going the extra mile is just you.

So are you a city girl?

(This is the first to my doodle days series which is under my tag days along with so called "adventures" I go on, and random blurbs/thoughts/tips) 
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