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Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Hello, I am the worst, but I can explain. Friday the 20th of November around 8:15 am, I dropped my phone LIGHTLY and the phone became unresponsive but didn't even crack. I also realize this story is starting better than any Shakespeare book - thank you I know - 2 weeks later, a lil bit of turkey, good company and 140 dollars it's fixed. I was pretty bummed and bitchy those last 2 weeks so sorry family and friends, but I made it out alive, I survived a teenagers worst nightmare and I feel good and back to my Instagram-bloggy self and I'm here to update and make you laugh.

First off I started working on some of the g(irl) clothing and I am in love and hope you love too because I never thought I would start a project like this. I also made these flare raw hems and I am sooooooo obsessed with how these turned out. This look is also all thrifted minus my socks (I did wear shoes lolz fyi my adidas superstars) and necklace. The top is my new favorite because I've been wanting this wrap top from American Apparel but I refuse to pay so much for a cotton basic. At first I felt like the jeans were weird and look like they went through the shredder then I was like NAH RAW HEMS IS A LOOK HUNTY! All I gotta say is if you aren't feeling confident on a look or having second thoughts, blast Kelela while getting ready and strut it. Every time I listen to her music I think of the end of the Opening Ceremony SS16 runway and those awesome dancing models.
Second, ITS MY BIRTH MONTH! I love December, I love snow, which sadly hasn't appeared yet but most importantly - Christmas! I'm not going to be the golden 18 years old yet but 17 sounds much cooler than being a 16 year old high school senior, I get so many shocked looks when I tell people this. Plus turning 17 reminds me of "Girls" by the 1975 which is one of my favorites. December is also sooooo freaking great because VLOGMAS and brings me to my sad but also happy(?????) conclusion.

So...... I am sad to say that I will only be blogging every other week due to finals coming up but also due to these annoying credits I have to make up everyday after school because my old school did not require geography to graduate. However I would rather take the time to pull together quality blog posts rather then last minute messy posts that are not interesting nor cute. In addition, I will make exceptions if I have an amazing idea or fabulous outfit to share in those other weeks and Winter Break is coming up so I'll obviously have more time. Lastly, I am happy to share that I am working on my YouTube since I do have my old laptop back I have the right editing program and can create videos the way I 100% love and enjoy making. I plan on doing this once a month like I said in the summer and will have a video coming up in the next few weeks :-)

Wait a minute just one last last thing, enjoy these sunrise pics I took this morning
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