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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

I'm loving this Q&A series and getting to know more about others in the blog scene. I like sharing my interest in fashion to you but it's also nice to share how weird (but cool.... duh) I am through my so called adventures or blurbs about my week and of course questionnaires like this whom I was tagged by Madison from BAD SASS.  Check out her blog for the brattiest attitude, the baddest style and cool sunset pics.

How did you get into blogging?
In 7th grade I got into photography and I thought it would be my whole life after that, I even got a very expensive DSLR. Obviously that's not the case anymore because by the end of my freshman year I was using that camera to take ootd pictures every single day. I've always been into fashion and I am a true shopaholic but I never thought people would appreciate my style or be considered stylish. However many of my friends and family titled me as a fashionista or diva.

Sophomore year I got more into Instagram than I was the previous year and discovered blogs through the app. That year I also had a news writing class which has been my fave class of all my high school career so far. During this class we had a blogging unit where we had to make a blog, post once a week, learned all the blogging basics and what it took to be a good blogger. My teacher said I was good at it and even asked me to join the journalism team - obviously this was a catalyst for my interest in writing and a sign I need to keep doing this. Before I even started that unit I was thinking about creating a blog but never was 100%. I am so glad I got to learn more about it and explore this option of self expression. The following summer I created "Rachel Stephanie" which was originally a fashion and photography blog but now just style and my life!

Freshman Year
Sophomore Year
What do you think of rankings?
In terms of blogging I think there are many great writers or many with content that's very entertaining (photos, quizzes, collages, etc) and that's why they are on the "top." Not to mention there is probably a blog out there for everyone's interest. But when it comes to social media like Instagram I could care less, including Youtube and Vine. I respect a lot of film makers but I also find that many who become viral share poor material after they have their so called fame. It sucks but it happens.

What would be your dream campaign?
Alright I have like a ton of them but here are two:

1. I'd love to spend NYFW with Andrew Bevan and just have his job in general. I am a huge fan of his personality and working for Teen Vogue and I'm sure we would be great brunch besties.... brunch is a NYC thing right?

 2. Have my own clothing line of perfect basics with AG Jeans just like the queen aka Alexa Chung.

Guest of a Guest
Do you have a plan for your blog?
I'd love to be featured on an online magazine or anything similar and/or be a part of a blog like Man Repeller or WhoWhatWear. A realistic goal for me at the moment would be getting sponsored by cool online clothing companies. But this blog was started because I genuinely like to write and doing this makes me happy so I would be so grateful if any of these were to actually happen.

What advice would you give to a blogger just starting out?
I've only been blogging for a year so I really don't have much to say. First off - be patient, don't worry about anybody reading your blog because readers will come your way and if you just stop posting or think about giving up - look at what you could do better, look at things you find entertaining, get that inpo boo! That also brings me to my second tip - don't be a rip off, gaining inspiration and being a theft is two different things. Don't be lame and remember that you're awesome and original so there is no reason for that carbon copy crap. Lastly I have to tell you is to try new things with your posts and have fun, in the end it's your blog and you should do what makes you happy.

Hope this wasn't to much of a read for you and learned more about me - now I want to learn more about the following bloggers:

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