Friday, September 18, 2015

Today I had to dress up for my leadership class and let me tell you..... picking out a look was a struggle. I usually dont have this problem when dressing up but the main conflict was weather. I was planing yesterday night to wear a short skirt and a cute top but that didn't work out. A long with this I had to speak to two classes today with a lot of confidence. 

This look is a mash up of a top I got last summer, a chiffon skirt my aunt left when she came to visit two weeks ago (I think she left it for my mom but I love it), a classic moto jacket and pointed booties that I am living for at the moment. I wasn't feeling confident about the skirt because it felt very fancy but here is the big message I wanted to tell you, if you feel good about what you're wearing then who cares about what others think. Mentality is key. This look made me feel very minimalist Carrie Bradshaw (from the Carrie Diaries not the OG) with an edgy Lorde feel, especially because of my curls flowing and my bootie heels clicking.

Racerback crop top from American Eagle (Similar) || Burgundy chiffon skirt from Forever 21 (Similar) || Pointed Booties from Kohls (Similar) || Moto jacket from Forever 21
Since it was raining I couldn't take photos outside with my camera + the lighting is a little darker than my typical pics but I love the way these looks and it also kinda feels more personal. This is also a sneak peek of my room for a video coming soon ♥

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