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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

The post title isn't just the name of one of my favorite Lana Del Rey songs', but it also pertains to a mind set I need to work on. It's actually pretty literal. When dressing myself day to day I tend to over think it. I find that I just need to step back and remember that just because I have a flamboyant blouse does not mean if goes with gaudy bell bottom or a vibrant skirt. Along with the core pieces you have accessories that you don't always need. My favorite bloggers and many well known in the fashion community are all very versatile and that's what I admire the most about them.
Striped top from Gap || Faux suede shorts from H&M (Similar) || Adidas Superstars
The reason I went on that tangent in my introduction is because I didn't know what to wear today and I was scouring my closet realizing I barely have classic basics. No white tee, no loose fit and non distressed jeans and not a lot of cotton. I attempted to put on a winter sweater with silky shorts and I don't even know what I was thinking. Thankfully I put on these easy, simple but unique faux suede shorts and worked around them with my favorite essentials. And I'm feeling real cute today.

The master of influence for this blog post was my mom. She keeps me in check and constantly says "DRESS NORMAL!" Obviously we have different definitions of normal but she is also my mom and knows me so this brings me to a close with two life tips: Mom's are always right and simplicity is bliss.

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