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Wednesday, August 12, 2015

On this episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians, Rachel (unrelated to Cali's elite) shares her 
music faves at the moment and what ever else is fabulous in her life at the moment.

In "real talk" as in if you're over the age of 18 and have never been to my blog, you've come right on time to here about me and what I've been up to in 5 random spiels. I do this once in awhile just to spice up my blog and just let you know the real Rach. 

Kendall Jenner Street Style
KJ has been killing the game since day one and I've been getting a lot of easy and simple back to school looks from her and her website with Kylie just launched so I'm definitely excited to buy clothing that they think would be cute for us! Here are my recent fave street looks:

Project Runway
I needed a new tv show and this was just on Lifetime one day and I was hooked. I started watching season 13 (thankfully it was all on demand) + season 14 just started so I am so hyped!

For some apparent reason I've gotten really good at thrifting. I found so much stuff last week and each item for under 5 dollars and each item is super trendy this including a tennis skirt similar to American Apparels' and booties with a Zara/Acne Studios vibe. If you ever plan on thrifting soon, my tip is to look at everything because there are too many hidden gems you miss if you don't.

Years & Years

I am way excited to share about this group because they are just so god damn good. My moms friend suggested them to me a month ago and I wasn't feeling them when I first listened to but I went back and now Communion is the only album I've been listening to for like 3 weeks now. I am a sucker for their synth beats and lyrics, not to mention front Olly is so adorable and his voice is beautiful and unique.

My all time faves off the album are Foundation, Desire, Worship, Real, and obviously King.


This is an app created by one of my favorite Youtubers - Casey Neistat. It is slightly like Snapchat but more focused on sharing a story. You take four second clips by holding your phone's sensor on a surface, when you do this the screen turns black and you aren't allowed to edit or see what you've created. I love this app because of the whole idea which is talked about in this video.
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