What's in my Backpack?

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

First off I can't wait to walk down the halls with this chic backpack and second I know that you must feel annoyed that school is coming so soon but I'm here to share quick tips and my essentials to get you prepared for the new year.
(Left to right)
1. Eyeliner and sharpener because mine melts off all the time
2. Moisturizer for those dry days
3. I've got various lip colors packed just in case I forget in the morning and need options when I get to class, and lip balm is always a necessity
4. I forgot to place the hair tie in this photo but you know what that's for
I plan on getting a separate pouch for these but for now they're hanging out in the utensils home.
Always have a book even if you don't need because you may finish work early or can't use your phone after accomplishing tasks.....
..... and for your typical entertainment device have a portable charger and headphones in case you're just not in the mood for a book.
Obviously you must have your folders for storage and notebooks for well...... everything you do.
This & That
I'm not the best at organizing stationary, however I am quiet confident in myself this year by using these colorful pens to make notes stand out. I also never used to pack my utensils in a pouch so hopefully nothing is scattered around my bag by the end of the first week.
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