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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

What is my personal style? I like to describe my look as eclectic because I am in the category of minimal chic (black, white, grey, structured pieces) but I do always have this pop that I think really defines "me" - This includes my signature R earrings as well as color, patterns, purses and jewelry that usually isn't paired with some of the clothing I get seen in store advertisements. For example, I'll be wearing a camel turtle neck, black shorts and white trainers but have a bright pink purse with silver hard wear and gold bohemian rings. I've also been loving denim - DENIM.IS.BEAUTIFUL.

The point of this post was to describe my look and share where I getting/got my inspiration, share about some great people and maybe help you get inspired.

Leandra Medine
Medine's serious fashion but not so serious attitude has really helped me become creative with my clothing - I mean look at that outfit below! and I've come up with a new saying that we should totally carry on and I ask myself a lot while shopping - What Whould Leandra Wear? Just like WWJD but Leandra style because she's a fashion god. Some of her signatures include denim (as we discovered my new FAVE!!), button downs, turtle necks and asymmetrical tops like the one above.


Melissa Valenzuela
I've talked about her sister Steph on here but over the past school year but I feel like I've been becoming more like Melissa by getting less edgy and more classic and clean. Don't get me wrong Steph rocks but Melissa is who I've been basing my way of styling myself. She has a refreshing and light aesthetic which is great for this desert gal.

Sammi Quinn
Sammi is my recent fave Youtuber. This Midwest minimalist is great at styling sleek modern lines with western fringe. I also love watching her to check out what trendy pieces I could get for a great deal thrifting. Check out the artsy gal:

Alexa Chung
I sound hella basic mentioning the it girl but how can you not love her style. Not only can she rock a shirt with herself on it but I believe that she revived denim! Her team up with AG Jeans exploded this year and with a second line coming I am praying I can snag an Alexa essential and get that classic girl next door look.
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