Starry Night: Prom 2015

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Alright.... I know I suck and I really need to get back on here and on track. On the contrary I've been very busy trying to get grades up and also just hanging out with family and friends along with that I've gotten writers block. But I'm back and I've got a schedule and while I was busy I attended prom and would love to share with you my look and what a great time I had in orderly fashion.

I started getting ready at 2:30 pm and finished at 4 looking fabulous!!!!!! (thanks mom, your skills are on point) 

After the waxing and clipping and brushing and winging and blah blah blah, I ate some ribs like the graceful lady I am. Then I had to be ready for pictures at 5 so the dress, heels and accessories were put on and ready to go. 

The weather was BEAUTIFUL!!!! Here are pics of my prom group: 

*sassy look back pose*

*selling a mixtape look 2k15*

*Rachel almost falling pose*

Sequin one-shoulder dress from Macy's || Jewelry from Charlotte Russe || Heels from BCBG

After struting our stuff we headed to prom and danced like the world was going to end aka bustin it for 5 hours.

Pics with friends at the prom venue of the theme "Starry Night":

Overall the night was fantastic and way excited for next years. Here are some last tips I have if your prom is coming up or for future reference:

1. Bring Sandals: I forced my self to wear my heels all night, and no they aren't high but it hurt and I refused to go barefoot because I am a germaphobe!!!

2. Dance however: I don't know how to dance at all but ya know what!?!? Who cares everyone else is just trying to have a good as a time as you should

3. Do not wax your facial parts before makeup: In the middle of the night I itched my face and left a scar on my face, my skinned ripped from the wax earlier while getting ready.

4. Take more pictures than I did: Self-explanatory

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