Instagram Faves of May

Monday, May 25, 2015

I've been having such a lack of creativity but thankfully I have my trusty iPhone to guide me through the lovely land of Instagram. These feeds have kind of transformed mine to become more simple with feminine touches and food! I also decided to clean my whole act and step up my IG game by deleting all the photos that do not match. Here are the beautiful feeds:

The Glossier gal has been in Teen Vogue and has a blog of her own Eva's feed is full of aesthetically pleasing #apartmentandlivinggoals as well as yummy looking munchies. I also love the color combinations in her photo that give off a such a fresh look. (I also need to buy Glossier products!)

I honestly just have three words that describe her perfect feed:

Shelby is a New Yorker with the coolest minimal looks. Again.. I love her food posts and shoe game but I especially adore her city photos, in  fact I enjoy all city photos and when it comes to New York who wouldn't. Shelby's blog:

Her feed just slays! The silver haired beauty has a simple and sporty style and another cool NYC gal.

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