No Ragrets

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Oh wow Rachel is actually going to talk about her life and not about trends and what she's wearing or what she likes or what she wants.

 First off this is a really late post and this is what I to say: I need to post more about my life casually - I know I say this every time which is very unprofessional but I am just a teenage girl.. I don't know if you actually give a shit about my life but I typically find these blog posts interesting and hilarious of how similar people are to me. This is also a way to just unwind in the middle of my last full week and a week before finals *stressing af*. Along with that it's also the last week with seniors aka my closest friends at school and the fact that I'm a junior I feel like I'm being left out not graduating this year. But on the other hand I am going to be a senior and I only need like 6 credits next year to graduate plus I'm taking all the classes I like... for fun. I think I've told you this before but I am a super nerd, I don't mind school, I get frustrated when I get a B, I make bad jokes, I wear overalls (overalls are actually the coolest I'm currently wearing them).

♥ classic calvins ♥

But people like this pale curly headed nerd cause I've got great friends and people who read posts like this.Although I'm also very awkward and this is what happened the other day which I find quiet hilarious but also embarrassed and a super TMI moment. Last week I went up this boy I find rather cute and my friend was like "you should just talk to him!" So of course I did and here it is, I TAPPED HIS SHOULDER. I'm still sitting here a week later going why why why what the heck. Then he turned around and I said "I like your hair," and he smiled and said thank you. First off thank you based god for nice boys but no thank you for making me the goofiest child couldn't turn a compliment into a conversation, no ragrets though! I was really cheesy and laughed my ass off with my best friend after that but how do people even talk to boys? I'm just going to marry Ryan Gosling, he's going to get me through my finals obviously and feed me cereal because I refuse to believe that the Vine of him eating his cereal is real. 

Anyways lets get away from adolescent awkwardness. I am so excited for summer and definitely need it. I think this was the toughest year on me aka PRECALC aka THE WORST,  But i'm ready to relax and maybe learn something new, learn how to cook?, maybe take a "literalization diet", and go to a lot of concerts? I do know that I am going to fully invest myself in this blog and take sometime to educate myself on careers and life in fashion and fashion in general.

Thank you for letting me share how annoying I can be and what goes through my head daily and will probably do this more often because it's nice and now I'm going to shower and lay in bed and watch How I Met Your Mother, good night great people of the internet and remember - it's almost Friday!

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