Tuesday, April 21, 2015

First I'd like to apologize for my hiatus, school just sucks soOoOOoO much and has just been time consuming. But I pinky promise that I'm back for good (knock on wood), and I have more unique content coming up for all you lovely and patient people. Obviously, Coachella was everything these past two weeks and I was not crying in my bedroom over outfits and live stream and eating Ben & Jerrys fudge ice cream because I definitely didn't want to be there.  From floppy hats to gladiators, I have for you my top 5 fave looks from celebs and regular people as well as where you can get some of the items I adore and need to buy asap!

Culotte Covet
This look is all comfort aka the best kind of look - flowy top, pants and protective head gear (from sun rays of course). When I saw the texture on culottes I knew I had to have these, not only versatile but the comfort from the length and weight make them perfect for the season and the raw edge on them makes the look give off laid back vibes. And subtle denim on denim is becoming super popular this, denim rocks in general!

Groove is in the Heart

The 70s are back and making its mark, MS MR's Lizzy Plapinger is rockin' this two piece, fun playful and disco appropriate shoes. Her hair is what's really bringing the outfit together, florescent and spunky.

Utility Gal
I would not be brave enough to wear this one piece wonder to a festival but that get up is way too cute to not wear. I also love how she mixes tougher pieces/colors with dainty/cute adornments like the leather knapsack and olive green with the floral choker and turquoise cat eyes for the extra sass.

Nomadic Prep
Kate Bosworth workin' it in neutrals just like the desert. White is not my safe color for any event but the dress and purse are pull the suede, rugged pieces to be more sleek and pristine. The detail on the jacket also makes the look unique and casual enough for the fun weekend.

Baddie B in a Bandanna
To begin this I'd like to say I've been obsessed with Bella Hadid since 2012 when I found out she was famous with Kendall and Kylie. She is super outgoing (based on her social media) and not afraid to express herself shown well through her outfits like this one: loose blouse, essential denim shorts and bandanna. The scarf reminds me of Rosie the Riveter giving us gals the tough look just in a more modern way. We can do it! For a decent price too, bandannas and other neck scarves are super cheap at Walmart or for a more unique kind at the thrift store.

All photos from Vogue/Fashion

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