spring staycation guide

Friday, March 27, 2015

My first day of spring break and I am not heading anywhere, but that's okay because they're are plenty of activities to do while I'm home and you can too! Here is a list of things you can enjoy by yourself or enjoy with friends and family during the break:

1. Clean your room
2. Try a BuzzFeed food hack
Here's a Mac and Cheese one and Ramen
3. Do/Try yoga
This video is quite easy and relaxing!
4. Watch Friends 

5. Build a blanket fort and camo inside
Because you know you've always wanted too
6. Have a picnic
7. Craft Day
8. Finish/start a book
I've been reading #GIRLBOSS for 2 months and I'm still not finished......
9. World Day
♥ Ich liebe dich ♥
10. Watch a new movie
11. Buy plants, give them names

12. Go for many walks
13. Spa day
Supplies needed:
-Nail Polish & tools
- Bubble bath
- Candles
- Calming music
- Face mask
14. Make a pizza
Ingredients for my fave:
- Pillsbury Biscuit Dough
- Tomato Sauce
- Mushrooms
- Cooked chicken
- Spinach
- Tomatoes
- Shredded cheese
Cook for 15 minutes at 350 degrees and enjoy!
15. Go to an art museum
16. Watch the sunset
17. Watch the sunrise
18. Have a makeover
19. Reverse Day
Breakfast for dinner?
20. Put on your swim suit and Photoshop yourself at the beach

I've already done 3/20 of these today, clean my room make one of the BuzzFeed dishes and this........

Have a lovely break and hope this helped!

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