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Monday, February 23, 2015

We all have many things that motivate, inspire and change us. And we can create a whole board or wall to reflect on and enjoy everyday. Here is a DIY for you to collaborate all your favorite images, articles or quotes that you can use as a positive motivator or plan or even just use a room decoration. The one I've made in my room is things that I can use for my blog such as picture ideas, vocab and articles that I think will improve my blog. I also made this cute calender/blog schedule that is perfect for bloggers or anyone.

- Magazines
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Tape
- Ruler
- Colored Pencils

STEP 1: Make a title

I used my blog title and chose grey scale photos from magazines to make it some what neat and organized

Then I simply wrote the rest of my blog title in cursive and cut it out. 

STEP 2: Categories (optional)

This is only optional because inspiration boards don't have to be neat but if you do add this and don't necessarily have a blog with categories or blog at all you can add words that you think relate to your photos or things you love!

STEP 3: Calender/Blog Schedule

This will be a life saver for anyone with a busy schedule and people who blog. I'm always all over the place so I made this cute little calender out of just one piece of paper. Then with a colored pencil, I highlighted my predicted dates I'll post on here for the next two months.

STEP 4: Cut your inspo!

(Pretty self explanatory)

Now your ready to stick everything up!

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