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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Since I've moved I've had a lot of free time to browse and look out for new clothing, music and inspiration. Even though I have a clean slate I've reconnected with some old passions of mine such as drawing!!!! I've really been inspired by Tavi Gevinson, editor-and-chief of Rookie to sketch out my fall inspiration (a combo of old and new faves)

1. Urban aesthetic
While I was in Chicago I fell in love with the the classic and modern mix, but most importantly clashes in style, combining business attire, mod and sporty also very close to Marc Jacobs runway at the moment. But whether your a tourist or a student, I feel it's just necessary to be stylish and comfy this Autumn even out of the city, so get out the moto jackets and a cute pair of tennis shoes this weather won't last too long.

2. Natural mane 
I call my hair a mane for a reason.... ITS REALLY CURLY. Although in the past I've repetitively said I hate my hair, I've found ways to show off the curls w/o the frizz and will probably not straighten my hair as much as I did last year. I kinda feel like my hair is my personality too (hopefully that doesn't sound crazy lol) 

3. Doc your socks off
I love my docs and I always will, it's just that simple. Combat styled boots go with everything no matter what color.

4. Pins, buttons and bands
I have a rather small collection of unique thrift store pins a few that I pinned to my house key lanyard but I'm starting a new collection with purchases of unique homemade buttons from Etsy. I love pieces because they show a little bit more about yourself other than clothes, for example you could get your favorite band or shop on one and wear on a cute jean jacket, simple tee or a backpack, some of my personal fall favorites. 

5. Tunes
Bringing out my two favorite bands that always suit the fall time, Vampire Weekend and Phoenix. Songs like Campus and Diane Young from VW remind me of the fact that I love being young and talk about lead singer Ezra's wardrobe, very different. I love it! Phoenix sends out feel good music in my opinion and fall weather also gives off this mood. 

This summer i also found new music that also gives me a good autumn feel, first off the powerful sister group Haim Not only do these girls have a great motivational tune that makes me feel independent and powerful! (which is something I need being in a new city and school). Distressed band tees and varsity jackets, the girls rock the fall soft femme vintage biker look... literally (even in the summer!) 

Mac Demarco is also a new artist I discovered this summer with his recent album "Salad Days." His songs are great to study to or in my case at the moment, motivate myself to write on this blog. His tunes are his soft voice and guitar strokes are soothing and give off a fun, youth and free spirited sound like VW. 

6. Plaids and pleats
Plaid/flannel print coming back into the picture in many types of forms. The 90's Clueless print gives off an angst, sweet and sassy look, whether it's an oversized button up or a pleated tennis skirt. I'm definitely going back to school with the plaid skater skirt and a cozy sweater to be display the Cher Horowitz look well. 

7. Old school charm
Like I said in the last section, the 90's are back and better than ever. My favorite pieces this fall all have the bits and pieces of the era. This includes key fall essentials, turtle necks, halters, baggy boyfriend jeans, denim jacket, fuzzy Spongebob's-esque eyelash sweaters, knee socks and chunky heels! Warm, comfy and runway ready, stores like Forever 21, American Apparel and Wildfox sell all of this. My mom always tells me "oh I had that when I was younger!" which makes me very frustrated because it is slightly more expensive and modernized then before. 

8. Kendall Jenner for Teen Vogue
Quoted from Teen Vogue "...fashion's new IT GIRL", I totally stand by this, I've been a fan of the Cali raised cutie for the longest time and now she's doing an extraordinary job being a high fashion model. In the September issue she transforms into different characters wearing my favorite designers. From an urban look of Givenchy to soft, sweet and pastel look of Miu Miu, Kendall even pulls off the natural appeal which is my favorite thing about her. The girl is so kind, silly, and also confident... All in all, this is just her being herself! Kendall encourages me to be comfortable in my own skin for the new season. 

Check out some posts I got my inspiration from: http://www.rookiemag.com/

All photos taken with taken with iPhone
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