Saturday, August 9, 2014

Yesterday I finished off a week long trip to Wisconsin Dells and Chicago. I went with my family from Canada, 11 of us in total (quite a hassle) but it's always a good time to see family, especially if you haven't seen them in a while. We started of with a 2 days in Wisconsin Dells which was honestly the most "new" life experiences for me were my weird cousin  forcing me to ride all the roller coasters at Mount Olympus, they were very tall and wooden, I also fed a goat. We did a lot of swimming the first 2 days of the trip, again a good time.

On the Wisconsin part of the trip i didn't really "dress up" fashionably or take pictures but I had to in Chicago, to me it's just naturally a fashionable, sleek, city that you should be dressed up.

After Wisconsin we headed to Chicago for a 3 day trip of sight seeing and sadly....some shopping but not enough!!! The first day I wasn't thinking and didn't charge my camera the night before, or take a picture of my outfit. I did however enjoy my favorite park, Millennium Park, and took a cute film pic with my Instax Mini at the stage they have there that I never actually took a peek at till this trip. Usual performances there are local schools or artists. I also got to see the new statues put up this year, statues are changed annually.

Other then that, we took a look at the Michigan Avenue Bridge which is again... visited every time we're in town.

Later that day we checked into our hotel, also on Michigan Ave, the Marriott hotel. Our room had a wall was a whole window and had a great view of Michigan..... but my favorite were the garlic fries that you could buy in the lobby, THEY WERE REALLY GOOD.

All photos taken with iPhone.
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