Sunday, August 10, 2014

Do you ever just not want to leave home, or even your bed? This is how I feel every occasionally, Sundays. I always spend these days browsing the internet for things I don’t need to know or things I don’t need to buy. Especially……
When online shopping I definitely over think, here are 5 thoughts and tips I have when online shopping.

1. “I need to save money.” – I usually say this to myself when I actually have saved up money for nothing in particular which is pretty silly. But there are very east ways to save money online shopping, leading to my next topic..

2. “Is this a trustworthy site” – Ordering off official stores is always okay. But online stores may scam you or not even send what you wanted or both….. So some tips are to read all reviews, even any not on that store. eBay is also a very popular shop, with various people and companies selling, but it’s also known for scamming. Best ways to avoid any of it is to check if it has the “Top Rated Plus” logo because those are the most trustworthy sellers that also usually have free shipping!!

3. “Is the shipping free” – Also an obvious, basically I have never payed for shipping but if you do, please check offers like spending 50 dollars or more to get free shipping, it comes in handy especially for clothing.

4. “Do I really need this” – This is one I think every time I go shop online. I think of what I have possibly coming up such as hanging out with friends, buying gifts or simple is it necessary to own at all. This leads me to another thought… “I deserve it, I think”

5. “Do your homework” – Being online can be very time consuming. You can start off researching and typing, then you take a “5 minute” break and end up buying the world or researching pictures of cats. (Even though it is summer.)

This is an old post from my old blog, I just thought it would be a relevant post for today.
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